August 27, 2023 at 11:08 am

People Talk About What They’d Do First If They Had All The Money They Ever Needed

by Matthew Gilligan

ARNoMoreWork People Talk About What They’d Do First If They Had All The Money They Ever Needed

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming…and there’s also nothing wrong with dreaming BIG.

And today we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what they’d do right off the bat if they had all the money they ever needed.

Y’all ready for this?

Check out what they had to say!

No more work.

“I’d call my boss.

They’ve treated me well so I’d give them two weeks notice, maybe more if they’re having trouble finding replacements, but after a month I’d be gone out the door one way or another.

Then I’d sling some money to my direct family and make it well known that I remember everyone I’ve ever been friends with and I’m not giving a cent to lying parasites.

I’d get myself a nice place in Queensland, Australia. Somewhere on the beach outside of Brisbane.

Never work another day in my life, travel regularly, upgrade my pc with all the latest and greatest parts, get another cat so my current one won’t be lonely while I’m out (and I like kitty cats) and slowly devolve into another rich weirdo.”

I’m in charge now.

“Purchase the company while still working in the trenches without revealing that you’re the new CEO.

Begin making all the decisions you can see should happen because you’re there.

Fire bad bosses and managers, get yourself “voluntold” to go to other stores/offices for various excuses, listen to the fellow employees b**ch about corporate and quietly fix the problems they bring up.”

The plan.

“I’d look up that thread where a finance lawyer outlines exactly what I should do.

There was a step by step guide for putting X amount in trusts, buying property, and how to set yourself up to not ruin yourself (as many have with lottery winnings).

Step One. Tell no one.”

I like it!

“I would buy all the pieces of property along the nearby coast and hillsides that developers have been trying to build on for years, and make it all open space for the public and get some sort of clause that it can never be built on for hundreds of years of something.”


“Get a degree, get a car, buy a house and finally get my much needed crooked teeth fixed.

Then I’d save it.”

Do some good.

“Buy up some of the abandoned buildings in my town and convert it to affordable rentals.

I wouldn’t have enough to fix my country, but I could do some.”

This is too much!

“I’d quit my job seemingly over something ridiculously minor.

Like wait for an email with a spelling or grammar mistake then reply to the whole company with an explosion of anger saying I can’t be expected to work in an environment like this. End it with “I quit!”

Then turn off my computer forever.”

In search of peace.

“Buy a house in the mountains and start a farm. I just want peace.

I’ve been stuck in fight or flight mode most of my life.”

Sounds great.

“Get a permanent personal chef, so that I can eat delicious food all the time, and in a relatively healthy way.”

Got it all figured out.

“Buy a few acres in the woods, build a house and guest house with a studio. Let younger bands record cheaply, pay great engineers, mixers, and producers to help them live their dream.

Build an outdoor cool 200 or so seater amphitheater onsite and let them put on shows, film videos. Would be a dream come true for me. Bid years ago on an old Boy Scout camp to do it but was well outbid.

Still a “one day” for me I hope.”

Hit the road.

“True vacation time.

I’d ask my parents what their ideal dream vacation would be and then take them on it.

Anywhere they want to go, doing anything they wanted to do, all expenses paid.”

Me? I’d take care of my parents first and make sure they never have to worry about money again.