August 11, 2023 at 1:44 pm

Royal Caribbean’s ‘Icon Of The Seas’ Luxury Cruise Ship Will Break Records Because It’s Cartoonishly Large

by Trisha Leigh

LargestCruiseShip Royal Caribbeans Icon Of The Seas Luxury Cruise Ship Will Break Records Because Its Cartoonishly Large

Cruise ships are already massive. If you’ve been on one or stood next to one, you really know what I’m talking about, because up close, the scale is really something to behold.

And still, Royal Caribbean is asking us to hold their beer.

Their Icon of the Seas is breaking every single record out there – by quite a bit – and is about to set sail in early 2024.

The vessel is currently being completed in a Finnish shipyard.

The Icon weighs a quarter million tons – five times more than the Titanic – and is almost 1,200 feet long.

It can entertain 5,610 guests at once and house 2,350 crew members on its 20 decks.

With six water slides, seven pools, and nine whirlpools, I hope everyone packs plenty of sunscreen.

The middle will also feature a “Central Park” with “thousands of real plants.”

People are less than enthralled with what, even in renderings, appeared monstrous and something straight out of the Hunger Games Capitol.

“This feels like the setting Pixar would use for a movie anthropomorphizing all the nasty stuff that lives in your gut.”

This person calls it a “monstrosity” and observes that it “does NOT look relaxing…at all.”

In a post-Covid world, plenty of people could think of nothing but the disease that would surely run rampant while so many thousands of people were trapped in a tight space.

In addition to personal health and safety, plenty of people are rightfully worried about the cruise industry’s not-insignificant contribution to pollution and greenhouse emissions – a normal size cruise ship pollutes more than 12,000 cars.

I don’t even know what to say about this one, y’all.

That’s capitalism in action, I guess.