August 28, 2023 at 9:28 pm

What Person Has Gone the Furthest With the Least Amount of Talent? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARNoTalent What Person Has Gone the Furthest With the Least Amount of Talent? Here’s What People Said.

I don’t say this all the time, but I’m very excited to read the responses to this question that was posed on AskReddit!

Because this is the kind of question that gets people really worked up.

What person has gone the furthest with the least amount of talent?

Check out what folks had to say about this.

Good one.

“Dora the Explorer.

She uses a talking map, has such a hard time making decisions that she has to ask kids to help her, and keeps getting stopped by a “sneaky” Swiper, but he’s not even that sneaky, I see him coming every time.

I don’t understand how she hasn’t gotten lost yet.”

Not too bright.

“John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

Excerpt from his Wikipedia page:

Sandwich retired in 1782. Despite holding a number of important posts during his career, Sandwich’s incompetence and corruption were legendary, inspiring the saying: “Seldom has any man held so many offices and accomplished so little.””

Mr. President.

“Warren Harding.

He had a ton of mistresses and cared about nothing else. He outsourced management of the Presidency to his wife Florence and sold the government out to his cronies in an unheard of degree, even for back then.

The Tea Pot scandal was the least of his problems.”


“Nick Cannon.

He is horrendously untalented and somehow has a gazillion dollars, can date and impregnate anyone he pleases, and stole Who’s Line Is It Anyway and made an insult version of it that reinforces r**ism and stereotypes for our “entertainment”.”

Not a fan.

“James Corden.

He isn’t funny, he never was, he isn’t quick, witty or observant, he has poor timing.”


“DJ Khaled.

He gets paid mind-numbing sums of money to say his name. I have no idea how he’s managed it. Sometimes, I think pure arrogance is enough to make someone rich.

Eventually, it will catch up to him. I think.”


“Andrew Tate and every single influencer podcaster bro in the “manosphere”.

A bunch of man babies whining about how they get no bitches because they lack any and all talent, personality, or empathy.

And you can’t even argue with the cunts because they’re too blockheaded to even understand that they might have said anything even slightly wrong.”

Look at me!

“Kim Kardashian.

Her talent is that she became famous from a s** tape and has started a bunch of failed businesses (Skims seems to be doing well) and is on a reality show.

ALL of the Kardashians are unbearable, and I’d be happy if I never heard about them ever again.”


“Betsy DeVos.

Everything that she did not achieve through marriage or inheritance, she got through political cronyism.”

Nailed it.

“Donald Trump.

He’s declared bankrucy somewhere from 4-6 times, but somehow still has businesses and got elected for president.


How did people think he was fit to run a country with a record like that?”


“Elon Musk

He is credited with being a child prodigy and a genius.

He is just a man who had a good idea (PayPal) got lucky once and then just continues with that money for example Tesla wasn’t even founded by him.

Look what he has done to Twitter for example.”



He just… talks over some lukewarm beatsey music.

Paved the way for all these other countless mumble “rappers”.”

Gotta agree that I don’t get Drake.

Don’t judge.