September 23, 2023 at 7:29 am

Airline Announced A Child-Free Zone for Passengers On Its Flights And People Are Loving It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: iStock/Twitter

Let me run an idea by you and I just want you to hear me out for a minute…

How would you feel about flying on planes that have a child-free zone?

It sounds like fantasy, right? Well, maybe not for long…

Corendon Airlines out of Turkey is offering a flight from Amsterdam to the Caribbean that allows customers to book seats in a part of the plane with no children…and yes, passengers have to pay extra for that luxury.

Passengers on these flights will have be at least 16-years-old to sit in the front of the plane and will have to pay more than double what a regular flight from Amsterdam to Curacao costs on the airline.

Atilay Uslu, the founder of the airline, said, “This can have a positive effect on parents traveling with small children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make more noise.”

I like this idea!

It seems that a survey done online of over 200 people made it clear how people feel about this.

And here’s how other folks responded on social media.

This person said they’re all for it, but they brought up a good point…

A mom said she thinks it’s a good idea all around.

Another mother also thinks it would be good for her when she flies with her kids.

And this person is 100% all in.

Yeah, I’m all for this.