September 27, 2023 at 9:36 am

‘Apparently I should spend my holiday in pain.’ Employee Rages After Boss Suggests She Use Christmas Holiday To Recover From Surgery

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Ever since a few years ago, people have started to realize that their employers need them at least as much as they need the paycheck and health insurance.

They also began to realize that meant their employers really should be treating them better – at least, if they want to keep them.

OP has been a good employee, hardly ever taking time off and trying to minimize the negative impact when she does.

I never take annual leave because we are a small team (20) and I’m her executive assistant.

It’s been almost 4 years and the only time I have taken annual leave was 3 days for a wedding over a year ago.

Now she needs surgery, though, and has scheduled it during a time she figured would be convenient. She also gave them plenty of notice.

I’m at the last step before confirming my surgery date and made the mistake of mentioning to my boss that I’m aiming for January.

I would be giving her 3 months notice, and recovery should only be at maximum two weeks.

Her boss, though, suggested she schedule the surgery over the Christmas holiday and use the holiday time off to recover.

She made a face and said “you know, when employees get surgery they try to do it over the Christmas break so they don’t need time off for recovery”

I was a bit shocked she said this, so I reminded her I have over 320 hours of annual leave banked and should be able to take this time off.

OP was taken aback, given everything they’ve done, and are now feeling as if they are not appreciated or their time valued.

Now apparently I should spend my holiday in pain recovering from surgery so I don’t inconvenience her.

Am I insane to be absolutely seething over this?

Does Reddit think they’re being too sensitive? Let’s find out!

This person suggested they use some of the leave they’ve used up to look for a new job.

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Some people claim to have good bosses, and say this ain’t it.

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They suggested a subtle way of throwing it back in her face.

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This commenter threw out a dream scenario.

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The bottom line is really that it’s none of her business how OP spends her time off.

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I know good jobs are hard to come by.

But this boss has definitely shown her true colors.