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‘Can’t you give him just one? C’mon, don’t be greedy.’ This Woman Handed Over Her Candy Hoping To Teach This Kid And His Mother A Lesson

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

You hear all the time about how people are so much more entitled these days, and when you hear stories like this one floating around, it’s hard not to agree.

OP enjoys going to amusement parks with her kids, but the older she’s gotten, the more her stomach struggles to keep up. Instead of taking a drug, which makes her and her daughter feel weird, OP relies on ginger candy.

Since there’s only a week left of summer, I decided to take the kids to the local amusement/water park today. As I’ve gotten older, the rides have gotten a little tougher on me. In addition, my daughter tends to get motion sick rather easily.

I don’t like the way motion sickness pills make me feel. So, I always take a ziplock baggie full of ginger candy along to prevent and soothe nausea.

She has a few sorts of varying intensity, and explains that it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Today, I had chewy mango ginger candies, hard plain ginger candies, and hard lemon ginger candies. For those who’ve never had ginger candy, it is SPICY. The lemon ginger is probably the mildest.

The plain ginger is just plain hot. The mango ginger are sweet and spicy but they also stick to your teeth like crazy. They’re definitely an acquired taste.

She and her kids were enjoying some of it while waiting for a ride when a younger kid in front of them started whining to his mom about wanting candy.

As we are standing in line for the log ride, I pull out my baggie. I choose a lemon one as does my son (13). My daughter (12) asks for a mango one.

While I’m fishing a mango one out, I hear the kid in front of us tell his mom that he (around 7ish) wants some candy.

After he pointed out that OP had candy, she explained that she didn’t think he would like it.

His mom distractedly says she doesn’t have any candy. The boy says, “But she does.”

He turns to me and asks for one. I tell him I don’t really think he’d like my candy. By this time, his mom has focused in on the interaction.

The mom called her greedy for not wanting to share and so OP figured it was time for natural consequences to take the lead.

As the kids starts to whine that, of course, he’d like my candy, his mom just huffs and says, “You’ve got a whole baggie. Can’t you give him just one. Com’n, don’t be greedy.” (Oh, you said the magic word there lady.)

I say, “Alright,” and dig out a lemon one. (I’m not completely heartless.) That’s when the kid whines that he wants mango, mango is his favorite.

I tell him lemon is better but he insists on mango. I tell him it’s kinda sticky as I hand it over.

The kid ate the candy and freaked out, and the mom was, of course, angry with OP.

The kid rips it open, shoves it in his mouth, gets in three quick chews while my kids stare at him. Then, he actually starts to taste it and a look of horror comes over his face. He screams and tries to spit it out.

He’s jumping around and flapping his arms. His mom is panicking and asking what’s wrong. He’s screaming that it’s bad and it’s hot and he wants it out. His mom tells him to spit it out.

That’s when I pipe up with the very helpful, “It’s really sticky. What’s left is probably stuck in his teeth. He’ll have to wait for it to melt off if he doesn’t want to chew.”

The mom looks at me in disbelief and a shrug. Then she asks what in the hell I gave her son. (Probably should have asked that sooner, lady.) I answer, “Ginger candy. It’s good for nausea.”

She and her kids, though, felt ok about the whole thing.

I’m pretty sure I’d be dead if looks really could kill. We got to move up in line two spaces though because she whisked her kid off to a water fountain.

I’d like to think the kid will think twice about demanding things from strangers. Plus it was entertaining. Overall, the kids and I counted it as a win.

Does Reddit think she should have held back because it was a kid? Let’s find out!

The top comment says they bet the kid won’t ask for candy from strangers anytime soon.

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Of course it was the teacher’s fault.

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This person says you can’t be greedy with your own stuff.

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And they say the other mom might need a dictionary.

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Although this person worries the mom still failed and the kid didn’t learn the right lesson at all.

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This might have been kind of mean.

But someone had to be the parent.