September 26, 2023 at 1:48 am

‘He mistook the radiator cap for the diesel cap.’ This Person Warned Someone About Pumping Diesel at Their Job And They Had To Learn the Hard Way

by Matthew Gilligan

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Some people won’t just listen…and they always have to do things their way, even if it means they end up with egg on their faces.

And the person who wrote this story on Reddit could only sit by and watch as someone TOTALLY BLEW IT.

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Won’t let me pump the diesel in your boss’ tractor? Have fun!

“So this takes place many years ago when I used I work at the only gas station in this little nook of a place that a lot of cottages and year round houses are.

I was the gas jockey at full serve gas station but if people wanted to pump their own it was fine. Just I always tried to pump the diesel for customers because the diesel pump’s handle was finicky and tended to overflow (the overflow shutoff never worked properly).

Cue LD.

He rolls in with what a John Deere tractor and parked it next to the diesel pump while I was with another car that was for a fill up so I just flicked the lever to keep the gas flowing while I went to see LD.

Me: Hey LD, nice tractor I didn’t know you had one of those, how much do you need?

LD: It’s not mine, it’s my bosses but I’ll pump this, she’s empty and you’ve got a car anyway, so I’ll be a while.

Me: It’s no problem, this pump can be a pain and sometimes won’t shut off when it’s full, I don’t want any to spill (I could tell by the noise it made if it was about to overflow or not)

LD: No I said I got it, I’m in a hurry anyway (In a rude type of tone)

Me: You sure?

LD: YES! Me: Ookaay then!

So I went back the car I was with because their pump was finished and I took their card in to do the payment and when I came back out, the smell of diesel was unmistakable. I looked over and sure enough LD wasn’t paying attention and let it overflow a lot. Since this was a pretty big tractor, and it only took me like 2 minutes to run the payment back and forth, I knew something was wrong.

As I walked up to him and asked why it was done so fast, he started to panic about the spill all over his boss’ tractor. So went to clean it up from where it overflowed and I noticed not only wasn’t he paying attention to the pump, the reason why it happened so fast was because he mistook the radiator cap for the diesel cap and filled the rad with diesel. I don’t know why he was able to get so much diesel in there, I guess it was low on coolant.

He panicked when I told him and he asked me what he should do about it. I told him that I didn’t know, I just know where to put in fuel, and maybe next time let me do it. He even asked if he should move it out of the way and I said NO!

Turns out he had to leave the tractor there and someone had to come and drain and flush the whole system. I never saw LD back there again in that tractor.”

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Imagine having to tell your boss that you did this.