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Girl In A Group Project Didn’t Pull Her Weight, So Her Classmates Made Sure She Got A Bad Grade

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@brookecagle

Group projects are the worst…

They’re bad when you’re a little kid, they’re bad when you’re in high school and college, and they’re STILL BAD when you’re in the workforce.

But sometimes, those projects can be satisfying when you can get revenge on someone who doesn’t pull their weight.

Check out what happened in this story!

Don’t do work on a group project? Take a D then.

“I (16F) was put into a group of girls to do a project on the nullification crisis. There was me, Kelly, Brianna, and Amanda (all 16, all fake names).

Kelly immediately took a leadership role and started assigning us jobs to do. I was assigned slide 1-2, Amanda slide 4, and Brianna on the pictures and sources. Kelly didn’t assign herself anything though. I shrugged it off and did my slides.


I told her and she immodestly complained about me plagiarizing and told me to do it again. I hadn’t plagiarized? I told her that and she blew up. “Just redo the slides!! The teacher will check it with AI and we’ll all fail!!”.

I don’t think the teacher would put anywhere NEAR that much effort for our entire class of 24 but ok. I re-did them. She smirked and went to the teacher to tell her that we were done.

She came back, looked me in the eyes and said “she said that we’re not done! We need to do another slide linking it to the civil war! Also! She mentioned plagiarizing. FIX IT.”.

I was stunned and my patience was running low. “Can you help me on this slide Kelly? You haven’t done much work so far so I figured that you could help me a little.”. “WHAT?!”

Kelly wasn’t having it.

Kelly exploded. “We have ALL done equal work here-“. “Kelly, tell me what you have done. Because I did slide 1, 2, and 3. Amanda did slide 4, and Brianna did pictures and sources. What did you do?”.

I wish I was kidding when I say this is the response she gave me.

“I CREATED the slides!”.

“You want a medal? Anyone could have done that.”.


“Those 3 videos weren’t on the rubric. They weren’t necessary. I don’t see the issue can’t you just help me on this slide?”

“No! It’s your job!”.

It was revenge time.

The bell rang and ended the argument but I was still salty and mad.

So what did i do?

I tattled.

I know it’s low but I wanted her to get a low grade.

The next day she comes running into the classroom and to the group. “Oh my god guys! We got a D!! We need to step up our game next time!”

“What do you mean?” Amanda asked. “Yea I got an A?” Brianna also added.

Kelly was stunned and I had the biggest smile on my face.”

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I think she learned her lesson…

Well, let’s she did…

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