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Someone Messed With Their Car Over A Parking Spot, So They Got Revenge By Making Sure The Trash Didn’t Get Picked Up

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hey, just ask…

Just don’t be a total ******* about it!

That’s basically what this person said…but some people have to learn the hard way!

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Start now!

If you really want that parking spot, you should just ask.

“I don’t have a driveway, I keep the car in the public car park next to my flat.

It’s a 2 minutes walk, it has CCTV that is actually being used (needed footage for insurance purposes, council was more than happy to look through 3 days of stuff), and the permit isn’t that expensive.

A few weeks after we moved here, I’ve found “my” spot. Well, it technically wasn’t mine, we don’t have delegated spaces, but I used that spot for over a year, and no one had any problems with that.

It wasn’t under any trees, it was next to a fence on one side, perpendicular to any other spots so no one parked next to me on the other side, and it was easy to turn around.

This is the only long-stay car park in the town centre, so it’s always fully packed between around 9 am till 5-6pm, everyone works or shops in town uses this one.

That worked out!

The spot I called “mine” was perfect in a sense that it was relatively far from any other spots (except the other two behind it), and I used to do night shift, so I left the car there from 6:30am till 9pm, and this spot kept my car scratch and dent-free for over a year (except one time as one idiot reversed into my car…) as workers/shoppers came and go, so all in all, it was perfect for me.

A year or so later after I’ve found “my” spot, someone new moved into some of the flats, and wanted “my” spot. First, they started left their car there, even tho they must’ve seen mine there pretty much every day.

I didn’t mind if it wasn’t available, I parked on another spot, but if it was empty as I’ve got home in the morning, I used it as much as I could.


When leaving their car there every now and then didn’t work, they pulled their wheelie bins next to my car. It was strange, but I just put the bins back next to a wall. Next day, the bins were there again. I put them back again.

Third day, bins there again, so I wrote them a polite letter and dropped into their letter box (the flat number was on the top of the bins), and asked them not to put their bins next to my car, because if it’s gonna be windy and the bins scratch my car, they might be liable for the damages.

Fourth day, the bins were there again. Wrote anothe letter, pointed out that their flat number is on the top of the bins, so it’s not a rocket science to figure out who they belong to, and asked them again not to put their bins next to my car.

I can see what you’re doing!

I also pointed out that the CCTV in the middle of the car park is actually functional, and I can ask the council to find out who and when puts the bins next to my car, and they might be liable for criminal damages and, since they block my car into a spot in a public car park, they also might be liable for causing an obstruction to the public highway, which again, is a criminal offence.

Fifth day, the bins were there again.

At this point, I was sure that they either don’t speak the language and don’t understand my letters, or they just generally don’t give a **** about them, so I was moving their bins back next to the wall every day.

Until bin collection day.

It was 4 black wheelie bins, for 2 flats.

As I’ve got home in the morning, I lined them up next to the fence, and then very-very-very slowly parked next to them so close that my finger wouldn’t fit between my car and their bins.

It was showtime.

And since I’ve got to the car park at 6:30 am, and the bin lorry usually came around at 7am, I popped into a Greggs, bought a coffee, sat back into my car, and waited for the collectors.

When they arrived, they looked very confused and asked me why I blocked the bins in, so I quickly explained the whole story.

They told my that the rule is, if they can’t reach a bin, they won’t come back to empty it, and since my car is unfortunately blocking all 4 of those bins, they can’t do anything.

They gave me 4 tags that says they were unable to reach the bins, to put on them once I’m done having fun, and they’ll come back in 2 weeks to empty it.

So that’s what I’ve done, once the bin lorry left, I put the tags on the bins, and went home to sleep.

Their bins, with all the stuff in it were there for the rest of the day until I left at 9pm, but miraculously, weren’t there the next morning I’ve got home.

For the next 2 weeks, they tried to fill them as much as it was possible, but they’ve had to resort to bin bags, which the bin lorry did not collect next time they came around, just left a note on the bins that they can only collect what’s in the bins, but as an extra, they put all the bin bags in the wheelies for ***** and giggles.

It took them a whole month to work down their rubbish, because the bins were always full of ****, but I’ve never had to move them again.”

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