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He Was Adopted But His Older Half-Sister Never Was. Now She Says She Has A “Right” To Be Included In His Family’s Events.

by Trisha Leigh

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No one who has ever been involved in any aspect of the foster care or adoption system would tell you that every child placed has a good experience.

Probably, not eve a majority of them do, despite people’s best efforts.

This man was adopted as a toddler and has had a wonderful life because of it.

I (25M) was placed in the foster system by my bio parents when I was 2yo, I was adopted some time later by my real parents.

I recognize that I’m extremely fortunate and lucky to have been adopted before I had any real memory of the system, and that my parents gave me a better life than I would have ever had if I had stayed with my bio parents.

I grew up privileged, went to private schools, had holidays abroad and had my tuition payed fully when I started Uni.

I was loved, and never lacked anything.

I currently have a well paying job as chemical engineer, a beautiful wife, a house paid off fully by my in laws, and 2 children.

I’m very grateful for everything I have and recognize that I would be leading a very different life had I not been adopted.

As an adult, he learned that he had an older half-sister he never knew about.

Last year I was contacted by Opel (27F) who claimed I was her brother and wanted to meet up.

After careful consideration I agreed.

After doing a dna test together and digging a bit into family history Opel and I discovered that we were placed into foster care around the same time.

Usually foster care will try to keep siblings together, but for some reason we were not registered as siblings and were placed into different foster homes (probably due to having a different dad/surname, and being given up by different people).

She did not have the fortunate experience he did and has no family other than him.

Opel got very upset by this discovery, even more so after she found out that while she was never adopted, I had lived a good life with loving parents.

Now, she’s making weird demands about being a part of his family.

After the discovery, Opel started calling and asking to hangout with my parents and I, or asking me to do certain favors for her.

It got uncomfortable really quickly since to be frank I don’t know her that well, in all aspects except genetically she is a total stranger to me.

I don’t feel comfortable landing her money or introducing her to my entire family.

She even made a couple of comments that made me uneasy when she asked me if I thought my parents would have adopted her also had they known she existed when I was adopted, and if I think they would accept her into the family now.

When she had a full-on meltdown over being “excluded” he had to tell her the harsh truth.

Last night she called me again, this time to complain how she saw that the women in my family had a get together over the weekend and how she felt excluded since she didn’t get an invite.

I told her that I get that she’s upset but that was a family get together for all the women and she’s not family to them, so she’s not entitled to an invitation.

Opel began screaming at me how it was unfair and how since I’m considered family she should be considered too by extension, and that I owe it to her to make sure my family invites her next time since it’s the least I could do for her as someone who got adopted.

I told her I’m sorry she feels excluded and that she wasn’t adopted but neither my family nor I owe her anything before hanging up the phone.

Now, he’s beginning to doubt himself.

Since then I’ve been receiving non stop texts calling me an a*****e and an evil jerk, I’m starting to second guess myself and need an outside perspective on the situation.

I bet Reddit is going to make sure he feels better right away!

The top comment says he should block her.

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This person agrees he doesn’t owe her anything.

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Everyone seems more than a little bit worried.

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Her expectations are frankly a little bizarre.

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It’s fine if they continue to be essentially strangers.

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This woman honestly sounds like she could be dangerous.

I hope everyone involved gets the help they need.

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