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His Boss Stole His Super Bowl Tickets, So He Got Back At Him In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

RedditSuperBowlBoss His Boss Stole His Super Bowl Tickets, So He Got Back At Him In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

Don’t mess with a man’s Super Bowl tickets…are we clear about that?

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, we think you’ll enjoy this story about how a man got BIG revenge on his boss who was a big enough d**k to steal his Super Bowl tickets.

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My boss stole my Super Bowl tickets, so I made him lose a major client.

“With the NFL playoffs back on, I thought you all might enjoy this football-related revenge story.

I’m a huge 49ers fan (the rabid all-day tailgate in the parking lot type). A few years ago, we made it back to the Super Bowl. I was working at a consulting firm with a handful of accounts I would interact with directly.

One client in particular knew how big of a Niners fan I was. I was the day-to-day lead on his account. He really liked working with me and we became friends, often grabbing drinks or dinner after our meetings. He had access to a pair of extra company seats to the game, and as a thank you, wanted to give them to me as a gift. He passed the tickets over to the partner on that account, who I will refer to as D**kheadPartner, to be given to me as a surprise.

The game came and went, we lost, it sucked. The next time we met, we went to drinks afterward and he mentioned “Hey, by the way, why didn’t you go to the game? I heard someone else was in your seats.”

I asked “What game?” He said “The Super Bowl!”

Confused, I answered “I didn’t have seats to the super bowl?”

He told me that he gave D**kheadPartner a pair of his company tickets for me as a gift so I could attend. I had zero idea what he was talking about. He looked shocked, told me to quietly ask around about it and get back to him.

When I was back in the office the next week, I found out through one of the secretaries that D**kheadPartner had given a pair of Super Bowl tickets to another one of his clients as a gift from our company.

I might have let this sort of thing go to keep the peace under different circumstances, but these were seats on the 30-yard-line to see the fu**king 49ers play in the Super Bowl. I was p**sed. I considered confronting D**kheadPartner myself, but realized it was the client who had noticed I wasn’t there in the first place, so if I let him handle it, there would be no blowback on me.

So I texted him “Hey, I just wanted to thank you so much for thinking of me with those seats. It appears that they were given to another one of our firm’s clients.” He texted back right away, in all caps, “ARE YOU SH**TING ME??” and then “Pretend I never told you, let me handle.”

He followed up with me about formulating a plan. A few days later, we were asked to come down for a meeting in their office. The client requested the partner be present, not entirely unusual, so Di**headPartner and I hopped a flight the next week and headed over to their office.

Little did Di**headPartner know, my client had orchestrated a wonderfully awkward little show to catch him red handed. When we entered the conference room, it was all the usual suspects along with a woman in her 30’s we didn’t recognize.

My client immediately introduces “D**kheadPartner, this is Stephanie Suchandsuch, VP from [other department], she wanted to sit in on this meeting. Hey [OP], you guys must already know her from the super bowl!”

She then responds as she goes to shake my hand “Oh, I don’t think so. Did we meet there? I’m sorry if I forgot.”

Client responds “Jeez Steph how much did you have to drink? They were sitting right next to you!”

Client looks at me, and I say “Sorry [client], I wasn’t there. Are you thinking of someone else?”

At this point, D**kheadPartner is looking visibly uncomfortable, probably trying to come up with an excuse. He starts in with an “Uhm..” when Stephanie says over him “No, [so and so] from [other company] were in the other seats.

By the way, I was wondering why we gave company seats to those guys, is there a project we’re working with them on that I don’t know about?” (obviously not, they were in completely different industries, it would be like Coca Cola partnering with John Deere).

D**kheadPartner lets out an “Uh” again, and the client immediately speaks over him asking “D**kheadPartner, I gave you those tickets for [OP]?”

At this point D**kheadPartner is turning bright red. He responds “Ohh, uhh, well he wasn’t able to make it, so he must have given the seats away to someone else?” and turns to me looking for me to cover for him.

Client smirks at me.

I respond “Uh, what are you talking about? Client, you gave me tickets to the super bowl?”

Client suddenly raises his voice “D**kheadPartner, those tickets were a personal thank you gift from me to [OP]. Did you give them away to someone else? [pause] Was it another client??”

D**kheadPartner buts in with “Oh, uhm, maybe something got mixed up in the office?”

Client went quiet for what probably seemed like an eternity to D**kheadPartner. He then looked down, grabbed his portfolio and iPad, put them into his briefcase, and said “I think this meeting is over. [OP] it seems as if I owe you a thank you gift, let’s go to lunch. Stephanie, you’re welcome to join…D**kheadPartner, I need to evaluate our relationship, please go back home and expect to hear from us next week.”

D**kheadPartner suggests he would like to join, presumably to do damage control, and Stephanie sternly tells him “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” and asks the front desk to see D**kheadPartner out. As soon as he is in the elevator, we all break out laughing hysterically.

Stephanie wasn’t really a VP, just an employee at the company who client had drafted into helping with his pre-planned meeting skit, but she did end up coming to lunch with us and was a fellow Niners fan and total blast to hang out with.

On our way to the restaurant, I got a desparate text from D**kheadPartner saying I needed to “cover for the firm” and that we could discuss things when I got back.

I replied “Yes, we need to talk, but I’ll see what I can do.”

Client told me to wait a couple hours and then respond to him: 1) To expect invoices for the resale value of the super bowl tickets (resale is WAY above face value, it was over $10K) as well as our lunch (he picked a pricey spot and made a big show of overspending) and that he expected them to be paid immediately, 2) Expected I be given a direct apology, 3) Expected a written apology to his company for what he considered theft, and 4) He will only interact with me or another one of our firm’s partners, never D**kheadPartner.

This whole thing caused a stir with the other partners, and I actually came off looking great because it appeared that I had made a good faith effort to save the client for the firm despite being the victim in this situation. The client would transfer to another partner, which meant D**kheadPartner lost his profit share on any work with them. Oh, and the other partners in the firm made D**kheadPartner pay the invoices back out of his salary.

In retrospect, I really have no idea what the hell the guy was thinking. Did he seriously believe the client would just not notice me not thanking him for Super Bowl tickets?

Anyway, the well was kind of poisoned for me there long term because D**kheadPartner wasn’t going anywhere. I left the firm a few months later for a much better position. Client ultimately terminated their relationship with that firm a year later, he actually now works with a good friend of mine at a competing firm.

I’m still p**sed I missed out on the super bowl even though we lost; hoping we make it back this year so I can finally go to one in person. Go Niners!”

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