September 25, 2023 at 4:09 pm

‘Yes, they’re probably annoyed if you order it.’ Man Reveals There’s A McBrunch Burger And Shows You How To Order It

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

Well, the craze for secret menu items at McDonalds continues to gather pace.

And now it looks like a TikToker is claiming there’s a super brunch burger we really do hope exists!

@Jordan_the_Stallion8 told his followers, in the most giving a secret away voice ever: “I don’t think you guys understand just how much knowledge I have about fast food secrets. Because in college, I literally started a club called the Fast Food Secrets Club. You can absolutely get a basket of fries at McDonald’s. But you want to know what else you can get. McDonald’s has a secret menu.”

We’re all ears!

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

“If you go to McDonald’s around the time breakfast ends and lunch begins, you can order what is called a McBrunch burger,” the TikToker said. “A McBrunch burger is a double cheeseburger with hash browns, eggs and bacon, all on the burger, all at one time.”

We’re listening…

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

“Yes, they’re probably annoyed if you order it. But it is a real thing, right. Do with that information what you will. Share with your closest friends.”

We will!

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

Watch the full tasty clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of this McSecret!

What’s this about snack wraps?!!

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

But a McDonald’s veteran staffer isn’t convinced at all!

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

A simple thank you for some fast food secrets!

Source: TikTok/@jordan_the_stallion8

We think it’s high time McDonald’s released all its secret food choices!