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Terrible In-Laws Made This Foster Kid Feel Worthless, So When They Ask For Help He Refuses Because They Never Treated Him Like Family

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

In a world filled with stories of mean in-laws, here’s yet another one that will make you question the existence of decent humans.

In this story a man struggles with his mean in-laws just because he doesn’t have a family of his own.

Check out how they’ve been treating him and his response to the unjust behavior.

AITA for refusing to help my wife’s family anymore?

I (34m) got married 9 years ago to my wife Jessica (33f). Jessica and I have two children Robyn (7f) and Theo (5m).

Growing up I didn’t have a family.

I was a foster kid who was bounced around a lot because sometimes my bio mother would take me back but she’d always end up losing custody again or placing me back.

When she finally stopped trying I was 11 and too old for most people who wanted babies or really little kids.

So I aged out of the system without being adopted or finding a family.

While his wife stood up for him and supported him, his in-laws clearly had biased opinions.

I had hoped when Jessica and I met that I’d be welcomed by her family.

But that’s not how it went. Took me years to figure it out though.

They look down on me.

The least his in-laws could’ve done was be emphatic towards him but oh well..

They’re not totally obvious about it but I see it in the way they are with me vs the way they’re with the other sons/daughters in law.

Like asking them about Christmas plans but saying they didn’t expect us to do anything else because I don’t have a family.

Or asking about the others jobs and promotions but never me, then acting so shocked both times Jessica or I mentioned I was promoted.

Some rather sad incidents happened with this poor guy.

There was a time when my SIL mentioned a foster kid who won a scholarship to college and it made it into the local news.

The whole family’s reaction was “oh wow a foster kid making it to college is so unexpected” and Jessica pointed out I went to college.

They looked a little uncomfortable and I heard two of her siblings whisper something about “Jessica and that story” so I assume they believed she lied about where we met.

He was even excluded from occasions and parties!

They don’t make an effort for my birthday.

They make assumptions that I don’t spend time with my kids.

They assume any effort made by me is me doing it for Jessica and don’t believe me when I say it’s not.

Yet they will always ask for my help with repairs around the house or assembling something, because I’m good at that stuff.

I have helped Jessica’s parents and all her siblings at least twice.

Once I realized (with help from therapy) that they really didn’t like me and seem to think less of me for being a foster kid, I did that stuff for Jessica and not for them.

But then a few weeks ago Jessica’s parents had issues with the stairs.

As a nice son in-law, he was there to help but no one appreciated it!

I went and fixed them up.

I was hours working on one part and had to go and get extra materials.

It was a whole thing.

Some of the family came over while I was there and Jessica’s parents made food for them… but nothing for me.

When I asked them if there was any for me they told me they didn’t think I’d want to eat after working so hard… for hours… with no food in between.

They refused to offer him FOOD!

I told them they didn’t think that, they simply didn’t want to be polite to me and offer food after doing all that work for them.

I was called out by Jessica’s parents and her siblings. Jessica took my side as did some of the the siblings spouses.

But I was called out again for not helping fix a shelf for one of Jessica’s sisters and saying never again would I help any of them.

And obviously, he was hurt..

They said family helps family.

I asked them when they ever treat me like family.


OUCH! That was heartbreaking!

Some people are just heartless and that shows. Knowing that a person has never had family, one can be sensitive towards their childhood but these guys decided to treat him worse!

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It’s natural to want to help your in-laws, but the least someone can expect in return is respect and that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

This guy had to stand up for himself someday!