May 17, 2024 at 1:13 pm

Entitled Customer Makes Rude Remarks About Another Customer, So The Cashier Makes Her Pay By Waiting Longer In Line

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

When you think about rude interactions while shopping, your mind probably immediately goes to an interaction you had with an employee.

Rude secretaries, or baristas who make fun of your go-to coffee order… we’ve all had a less than pleasant experience with a worker at a store.

But sometimes those workers are actually the ones who end up having your back, and they use their powers for good!

Like when this user inadvertently annoyed a woman in line behind her at the grocery store, and the cashier made sure that no bad deed goes unpunished.

Check it out!

Petty clerk vs snotty customer

Picture if you will, me, a slightly harried middle aged woman whose common sense has apparently left the building.

On the day before Easter (in the Bible Belt south) I thought it was a good idea to go shopping – grocery and clothing.

It wasn’t.

To say it was overly peoply would be an understatement. I like people, in small doses.

Massive crowds and I get anxious.

Lots of people in the red dot store blocking aisles while they chat with friends/family members/accomplices and far too many children and I get a little tense.

So she made a change.

After leaving the red dot store I went to ALDIs. Ahhh heaven… not too many people, no Muzak, and no one blocking the aisles.

I quickly found everything I needed and got in line to check out. There is only one check out line but the guy at the till is checking everyone out quickly.

It’s my turn and I do my usual pleasantries “how has your day been? Have you been busy?”

He said it had been steady but not overly busy.

This sounds perfect for her.

I mentioned he was lucky because everywhere I had been so far had been massively peoply and I was done with people for awhile.

He started laughing and said he knew exactly how I felt.

And that’s when OP began to hear some mumbling!

While I’m talking to him, I keep hearing muttering from behind me but can’t make out what the woman was saying.

But apparently, the nice clerk could.

After I had walked away with my slip to bag my groceries, he called over “Ma’am, can I check your slip?”

Okay, not a problem.

Brought my slip back to him and he started looking at it. I went back to bagging, figuring he would tell me if there was an issue.

A few minutes later, I finish bagging and turn back to the clerk who winks, slightly tips his head to the woman in line, hands me my slip and tells me to have a nice day.

Then OP realized that the woman was ABSOLUTELY furious with her!

The woman standing in line looks furious.

Now, I’m not completely sure what happened but I think the woman behind me said something mean to or about me and the clerk heard it.

He decided she needed a bit of petty retribution and made her wait longer than she needed to.

Before anyone asks, she was the only person in line behind me at the time.

I love little moments of solidarity like this between people.

It really is such a genuine moment of human connection with someone that you might never see again!

Reddit was quick to hype up the Aldi cashiers, who they said always did a stellar job!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this cashier said they do the same exact thing when they encounter an unpleasant person at their job!

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And finally, this user remembered a time where a cashier comped her drink after watching a group of girls cut in line in front of her!

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Don’t mess with the people who control the flow of the line!

They have the power!

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