September 28, 2023 at 6:45 am

This Man Got Security To Stop Checking Their Phone By Showing Them Something Absolutely Disgusting

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Security might exist for a reason, but we all must realize that sometimes the people behind the badges get a little too high on the power and step out of line.

OP and his team were on a high-security job, as the materials they were working with were both small and worth a lot of money. They were all checked on their way out every day, but for some reason, one guy was targeted more than others.

My coworker, and absolute hero, maliciously complied at security on one of our subcontractor jobs. The customer was a manufacturer for high end electronic components. Security was tight as a small 4″ x 6″ box could contain $250,000 worth of microchips. Our team was installing equipment in their facility for one week. A security checkpoint had to be passed every trip in or out of the building.

Mr. Security guard, Chad maybe, decided my coworker, Steve probably, was more suspicious than the other 4 techs.

He had to dump out his things and let the security officers go through his phone to check the last 5 photos. Every time he left the building.

So every trip in or out, not only was Steve made to dump his entire contents of his backpack out on the table and go through it, Chad required Steve to show him the last 5 pictures taken on his phone “to prove he wasn’t stealing secrets.”

This is all fine, except Chad let’s everyone else through without any sort of inspection.

It was starting to get to him when he got an idea, and took his phone with him to the bathroom. He was pleased when he came out.

Steve is trying to stay positive, but obviously this is eating away at him.

Steve tries to be overly positive and also a bit snarky with comments like “thank you Paul Blart, for keeping America safe,” which busts up the rest of our crew.

Then, Steve has the idea that will free him the rest of the week.

Wednesday comes along, Steve is overly scrutinized on our way in as usual. As we head to security at lunch, Steve says he has to go to the bathroom.

He comes back out a few minutes later, absolutely giddy.

Everyone found out why when the security guard was subjected to pictures of the guy’s rear end.

Chad Blart, mall cop, stops us on our way out and asks Steve to see his camera roll. Steve gladly hands the phone over. Chad is greeted by some very peculiarly angled shots of Steve’s, ahem… rear exit.

“What the ****!!!?” Chad throws the phone down on the table.

“Oh, sorry. I thought I had a hemorrhoid and wanted to see how bad it was. Is everything ok with my pictures? Is the facility safe?”

Chad never checked Steve’s materials again.

Good on you Steve.

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