September 6, 2023 at 3:51 am

This Truck Driver Got Revenge on Someone Who Stole His Parking Spot

by Matthew Gilligan

RedditTruckParking This Truck Driver Got Revenge on Someone Who Stole His Parking Spot

A word to the wise: never steal a truck driver’s parking spot.

Because it won’t end well!

And this story from a Reddit user will probably REALLY cause you to never do it.

Take a look at what he had to say in his story.

Try to steal my legally rented parking spot? Enjoy being unemployed.

“This happened last night, I am now in a good enough spot to actually post this. I’m not quite sure if it qualifies as “Pro”, but it definitely isn’t Petty.

I am a professional driver. As such, on the roads in the US, there are different truck stops throughout the country that has a “Pay to Park” system, usually about 10-20% of the lot marked off as “Reserved”, with each space running from $15-$25.

The truck stop where this took place had parking for $17, which is relatively cheap, for a guaranteed spot. The spots are reserved for 24 hours, starting at 4PM local time, and extending to 3PM the following afternoon.

I knew that I would have a late night delivery, so I came to the truck stop around 3:30, and paid for a reserve spot. I told the manager on duty that I had a delivery up the road that night, and would be back, once delivery was completed, but should still be able to clear out the spot by the next afternoon(today).

She told me that this was ok, and she would mark the spot as sold when I left, that way, if someone else comes in trying to reserve that spot, she could consult her notes, and deny the sale.

11:15PM rolls around, I take off for my delivery. I don’t get out of that facility until 2:30 AM the next morning(this morning). So, I groggily drive back to the truck stop to reclaim my paid for spot, only to find that the reserved parking spaces are ALL full. I call the manager on duty, and after giving her my info, inform her that all the spots are full, and that someone has parked in a spot and hasn’t paid for it.

She sends her other employee out to start checking trucks. The culprit was from a company that is known for their bright orange trailers, and he was a company driver. The other employee starts banging on his door to inform him that he is parked illegally, and he has to move. Meanwhile, I can see the commotion from my mirror, with my vantage point in the fuel island; where I had been instructed to temporarily park.

The driver answers the door with a bottle of Heineken in one hand, and some sort of smoking implement in another(I know what it is, but for the sake of the mods, I’m not gonna say it).

I decided to roll down the window to hear the commotion, and I hear the employee tell the driver to either move, or he will get the towing company and police involved. This driver is flat out irate that someone had the audacity to tell him where he can and cannot park, so he slams the door on the employee, threatening him. Employee calls the police and tow company, and the police show up first.

I had worked for this company before, so I know their policies, and more importantly, what they can and cannot have in their trucks. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the cab. Anything that isn’t a cigarette or a cigar and a lighter; also not allowed.

The coup de Grace; a pew-pew, of any kind, absolutely not allowed, and especially not allowed loaded. This driver had all that, and some other not so legal substances in his cab, so he was hauled away in cuffs. His truck was hauled away on a wrecker.

I made a call after the commotion died down to the company safety director, and informed them that their rig will be in an impound lot, and their driver is going to jail over the not so legal stuff he had in his truck. She thanked me, and said that he will definitely lose his job, especially over the alcohol and the other not so legal stuff.

I guess he played the “screw around and find out” card, and it bit him in his career.”

Here’s how folks reacted.

This reader said he did the right thing.

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Another person said they f**ked around and found out!

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And one Reddit user said they did the right thing by calling the company and truck drivers shouldn’t use recreational drugs.

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Now THAT is some serious revenge.