September 22, 2023 at 3:48 am

Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Telling Her Husband To Sleep Somewhere Else After He Didn’t Spend The Day With Her

by Justin Gardner

AITA Barring Husband From Bedroom Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Telling Her Husband To Sleep Somewhere Else After He Didnt Spend The Day With Her

Being in any relationship is tough, especially when both people work a lot and barely have in time to spend together.

That means that when you say you’re going to have time off and want to spend time together… you have to stick with it.

Today’s story concerns a woman who shares a story about a hubby who seemingly doesn’t want to spend any time with her.

And now she’s hopping mad.

Let’s take a look…

AITA For Barring My Husband From The Bedroom Tonight?

So here is the situation.

Me: nurse. Working 50ish hours a week in pediatric ICU. Cry at least once a week because it’s hard.

My salary pays our bills. All of them.

Husband: 25M. Has a degree but isn’t looking for a job. Works 2 days a week at the grocery store. Spends most of his time playing LoL.

Today was supposed to be A Good Day. I had been begging my husband to swap his Saturday shift to literally anything else so that we could have days off together. We haven’t had a weekend together since our wedding, 18mo ago.

Today was supposed to be our first Saturday off together. We were going to go to an animal sanctuary.

He starts the day by going to breakfast. With his best mate. Leaving before I even wake up. I wake up around 9 and realize he is not home. Call. He says he’s helping his mate set up some lights and that the weather is too rainy for the animal sanctuary anyway.

He gets home at 1 ish. Lies around. Plays some video games, promising we would cook dinner together tonight.

Leaves again at 5 to help the same mate with something else.

I go grocery shopping. I don’t drive because of medical issues, but I walk there and back in the rain.

I get home, realize I’ve left my keys inside. Call husband, knowing he’s 5min away.

He says he will leave in a minute. I sit in the rain and the cold (southern hemisphere). 45 min later, I call again. He hasn’t left yet. He finally agrees to come and let me in the house, so he drives up, presses the clicker to let me in the garage and leaves again.

At 10, I I called to see where he is. His friend answers. Says he is driving out to do something an hour away.

It’s 10.30. I am going to bed. I have sent him a txt that I am upset and don’t want to speak to him tonight and would rather he left me alone.

As far as I am concerned, if he can’t value me more than his best mate on the first day off he and I have shared in a year and a half, he can go sleep in his bed instead. (Btw, his friend doesn’t work, so they hang out all the time when I am at work).

He is going to be upset. And he is gonna tell his mate and his mate is going to tell him I’m being horrible.


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