October 4, 2023 at 4:29 pm

Best Buy Employee Said A Customer Tried To Commit Check Fraud Right Before The Store Closed, But Others Aren’t So Sure

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

An employee at a Best Buy store shared a viral video where he claimed that a customer he dealt with tried to commit fraud.

He said that a female customer came in five minutes before the store closed and she started shopping around. The woman put expensive items into her cart and the employee said that he and his fellow workers thought the woman was going to try to walk out the building with them.

But the customer came to the front of the store to pay and her total came to just under $500.

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

The woman paid for her items with a check and the employee put the check into a machine that checks to see if it is valid.

The check wouldn’t process so the employee had to call a phone number to see if the check was valid so he could authorize the purchase.

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

The representative on the phone told the Best Buy worker that the situation was a “Code 3” and that they couldn’t authorize the purchase.

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

Check out his video and see what you think.


The fraud check was fraud checked

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Here’s how people responded.

One person said the Best Buy system never works.

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

Another individual said they felt judged when they spent a lot of money at Best Buy.

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

And one person was surprised that some folks still use checks.

Source: TikTok/@dallas_ponzo

Yeah, this could have been a situation where this the bank system just didn’t get it right.

Don’t be so quick to judge, perhaps?