October 24, 2023 at 2:39 am

‘I am going to have another very uncomfortable conversation with somebody.’ A Woman’s Name Causes Her to Get an Unfortunate Email Address Every Time She Starts a New Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@thesam_show

This poor, poor woman…

As you probably know, a lot of companies assign email addresses to their employees that consist of their first initial followed by their last name and then the company’s info.

For example: Mike Williams might be mwilliams@realtorgroup.com.

Meet Samantha Hart.

Yes, if your mind is working, you realize that her username for work emails is usually… shart.


Samantha said, “I am filled with dread over one aspect of moving to a different job that I always face when I do this, which is having to have the tough conversation of how my name fits into a company email structure.”

She then added, “I’ve had two professional jobs so far and at every single workplace … I have received an email from HR the week before I start letting me know that my name does not exactly fit the company email structure as they would intend and would I mind if they gave me a different structure for my email. To which I always say, ‘Yeah, like yeah, I don’t want an email that says shart, yea fix it, give me something else.’”

Source: TikTok/@thesam_show

Samantha then continued, “So now as I transition to this new role, I did investigate the email at this new company, and they do, in fact, use first initial and last name, which means I am going to have another very uncomfortable conversation with somebody.”

Source: TikTok/@thesam_show

She then asked viewers if she should reach out to HR at her new about this.

It might be a good idea…

Source: TikTok/@thesam_show

Check out her video.


sorry if i talk about this problem too much but it is HAPPENING AGAIN!!

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Here’s what people had to say.

One person shared their email name…

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Another viewer said she can also relate to this.

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And one TikTokker shared the name of someone they went to school with.

Let that sink in…

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Maybe she should think about changing her name…

Just a thought…