October 10, 2023 at 2:16 pm

‘I don’t think you understand what you’re saying.’ T-Mobile Store Erases All Of Woman’s Phone Data And Manager Is Clearly Under Intoxicated

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

A customer repeatedly asks a cell phone store manager why he’s deleted her phone and in the end his answer will drive YOU crazy!

In a back and forth that seems like it’ll never end, the woman asks over and over why the guy deleted her cell when he was meant to connect it to her new watch.

The customer asks the manager, “Why did you erase my phone?”   

A fair enough question, right?

The male manager responds: “So whatever’s gone, is gone, I’m sorry.” 


The woman continued asking: “But what was the reason you erased my phone?”

He responded: “I personally have not.”

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

She responded, clearly confused: “I don’t understand what you’re saying to me. And I don’t think you understand what you’re saying.”

He then replied: “Whatever has been replaced to your phone.”

Now, I’m sorry does that response even make sense to anyone?!

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

“You were supposed to hook up my watch,” the customer replies. “That’s what you were supposed to do…. then you selected to to restore my phone.”

Oooooh nnnooooo FACTORY RESET!

That’s BAD, BAD, BAD….

She continued: “What are you saying? They told me to bring my watch in because I have a new watch and I currently have a plan…. so you guys can connect my network. My data plan to my new device…”

And then, despite this whole debacle, he responds: “I did not erase your phone.”


And yet, she remains calm: “You just clearly erased my phone.”

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

This goes on and on UNTIL he actually tells her and get this:  “Yeah, you messed up, so.”

One word – WOW!  We sure hope this lady got hold of someone who could actually explain what appears to be a huge mess and this guy!

Here’s the full clip here:


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And here’s what people thought about this cell phone saga:

First off… this guy is clearly drunk.

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

And somebody is NOT a Karen if they have a legitimate complaint.

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

And coming from folks who have had drinking problems…. this guy is really far gone.

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

Apparently… this guy got in trouble for being drunk on the job.

Source: TikTok/@sayitlolita_

We hope this guy gets some help. This could have been a serious wake up call.