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‘I had sent it over 130 times.’ This Person Decided They Would Keep Sending A Fax Until They Received An Answer

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s a little hard to fathom that there are businesses out there still using fax machines on a daily basis, but I promise you they’re out there.

Most of us figure this out on the same day we have to search for an app that will let us “fax” something from our phone.

That’s exactly what happened to OP after they changed their name. Most places changed it after the required documentation was received, but her credit card company was being difficult.

So.. I was granted a legal name change a few months ago. Long, boring story as to why. Simply put – hated the ‘unique’ spelling of my first name and wanted to ditch my surname.

Didn’t have much trouble updating my name most places. Social security, driver’s license, insurance, yada yada. No bumps in the road until I got to the very last thing to update. My credit card. I use this particular credit card a lot.

I’m self employed and use this card to rack up travel points for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. However, if you’ve ever checked into a hotel or picked up a rental car, you’ll know the name on the card must match the name on the ID.

So I call the CC company. Told I have to fill out a certain document and mail that in, alongside a copy of the court document. Fair enough.

She faxed what they asked for, but after two weeks, they said they didn’t have it.

Two weeks go by. Hear nothing, so call again. They say they haven’t received it. I’m then informed they have a fax number that I can use to send in the documentation.

So I fax in everything necessary using an app on my phone.

Another two weeks go by. Still nothing.

I call again. Same spiel on the other end of the phone. “Please mail or fax……” You get the deal.

I once more did what they asked. Yet another week passes.

They went around this merry-go-round for a while, until OP was fed up and decided there was one way they could be certain it was received.

I call…. again. Told the same script.

I’m starting to get annoyed by this point. I have an upcoming trip planned and need the card to match my ID. So I ask to speak to a manager. They give me some BS of a manager not being currently available


I fax in the document and court order once again. However, this time I decided I was just going to keep hitting send after the previous one had shown as delivered.

I thought I’d repeat the process a few times. Just to ‘make sure’ they got it.

After sending it 25 times the first day, I got no response. Next day I was sitting on my couch watching football. Thought I’d send the fax a few more times.

By the time I realized how many times I’d hit send, I had sent it over 130 times.

They faxed and kept faxing until they got an annoyed phone call asking them to stop.

The very next afternoon I got a call from a manager at CC company. She sounded quite angry over the phone. I just played dumb.

“You guys asked me to fax it in…”

I got my updated card in the mail 3 days later.

Problem solved.

tl;dr – Spent almost 2 months trying to update my name on credit card. CC company gave me the same run around every time I called “Just fax us x and y.” Faxed them X and Y about 150 times. They finally sent me a new card with the correct name.

I can’t wait to hear Reddit’s take!

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Well, at least it was resolved.

Apparently timeliness is too much to ask.