October 12, 2023 at 2:27 pm

‘She starts back pedaling and I wasn’t hearing any of it.’ Student Got Revenge On A Teacher Who Tried To Hold Them Back In High School Over One Credit

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s time for yet another installment of Reddit’s “Malcious Compliance” page!

And this time it involves a student who decided to strike back when they were going to be held back in high school because of a single gym credit.

Check out what they had to say in the story below!

Hold me back 1 year in HS over a single gym credit? How about I go to college a year early instead.

“I couldn’t stand gym class, not because of the physical activity (I was in hockey and football). But the fact there wasn’t enough time to shower before the bell. So you stink to high heaven for the rest of the day.

So I would walk the track w/ all the girls. ****** off my coaches something awful. So they flunk me in my junior year and won’t let me double up my senior year so I would have to stay back.

I had already picked out my college and was accept (tech school). Just had to finish my senior year. So I figured I could work out something w/ the guidance counselor and the coach. Nope, neither would budge.

Ok I walk away thinking I’m screwed and have to basically take one class my 2nd senior year. Then it dawns on me, can I just start going to college now? Are there other alternatives?

So I call my college admissions and college guidance counselor. Explain my situation and what other options are available? Since this is a non-traditional college (No SATs) you can start w/o a diploma. The caveat is you must have one (or equivalent) to get your diploma. The state I’m from they don’t distinguish between to the two so it won’t be an issue later on.

So I called another meeting hoping the HS admin would change their minds. No joy, they stuck to their guns. Thinking they had me cornered I stood up and said “Well I’m just going to have to drop out then. I cant see missing a year of college to just do gym class.”

The coach thinks he’s all cute and is “You can’t go to college w/o a diploma”. I relay what the tech school admin/guidance told me of their policy on this.

Faces dropped. It set into the guidance counselor that a drop out looks bad on her and the school (small school) when the state audits. She starts back pedaling and I wasn’t hearing any of it. Later on that night the principal and vice principal call to talk.

I wasn’t interested, I was all excited about starting classes in the fall.”

And now it’s time to see what people had to say about this.

One reader was baffled that they wouldn’t work the student on this one.

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And one Reddit user said this all comes down to power trips.

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I love it when students get revenge on bad teachers.

It’s so satisfying.