October 30, 2023 at 2:53 pm

‘The guys stare at her with their jaws on the ground.’ A Train Operator Taught Some Rude Riders A Big Lesson In Having Good Manners

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@stephy

Let’s all take just a second to acknowledge the folks who drive buses and trains for us to get from place to place.

They have a hard job and they have to put up with A TON of grief from passengers.

I’m sure that most of the time they just have to grin and bear it, but this train operator decided to take a different approach against unruly passengers.

Young and rude adults refuse to pay for public transport, but oooh sweet revenge at the end of the day.

“I work as a train driver, I drive smaller trains mostly out on the countryside and people are generally nice and well behaved.

But ofc, there are also the alcoholics, drug addicts and general weirdos that uses public transport, and some people that just lives to be a pain in the ***.

It seems the conductor wasn’t happy with a couple of passengers and complained to this driver.

This was a few years ago, we were traveling in the late afternoon and my conductor (let’s say C) storms into the drivers cabin, angry and annoyed, and tells me:

C: we have 2 rude good-for-nothing guys onboard and they’re such *******!

Me: What did they do??

C: They have no tickets, refuse to pay, just laughs up in my face and are saying: What’re you gonna do about it?

Me: Wth, should I help you throw them off at the next stop?

C: We can’t because they’re just traveling 1 station, so they’re getting off at the next stop! Smug guys with their “what’re you gonna do about it?”!

So they decided to take action into their own hands to get back against these creeps.

So we’re both angry, I let the conductor rant and let off some steam.

Next stop comes and the guys get off, the conductor angrily gestures at them “that’s them..”.

We continue the short remaining journey and have a break at the end station, some hours later the train then goes back.

Since it’s on the countryside and it’s a late weekend evening, the train is almost empty on the way back. The conductor knows where every passenger on board is getting off and she’s up at front with me, chatting and all is fine again.

And then…karma!


…we approach the station where we let those guys off.

We see 2 people standing there. It.is.them.

My conductor beside me shines up like a sun. She says, with the biggest smile on her face: Do not stop.

And I’m just laughing, slowing down the train, not stopping though. When we pass them my conductor opens the window, waves and says loud and happily: THIS IS WHAT I’M GONNA DO ABOUT IT!

I guess some folks better start hoofing it!

The guys stare at her with their jaws on the ground when we drive past them.

We laugh. All the way to our home station.

We were the last train for the day.”

Here’s what folks had to say.

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Source: Reddit/AITA

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This Reddit user said they did this for all transit workers!

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