October 24, 2023 at 6:34 am

‘Those smoke detectors do work.’ A Flight Attendant Talked About What Happens If Someone Vapes Or Smokes On A Plane

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@yogimagee

Some people just can’t control themselves on airplanes.

That’s kind of a blanket statement, but today I’m specifically talking about people who choose to break the rules and vape or smoke while flying.

A flight attendant named Natalie wants you to know what actually happens if you choose to buck the system and fire it up while in the air in an airplane’s bathroom, which seems to be the place where this happens the most.

Natalie said that people who smoke or vape in a plane’s bathroom can cause other people to get their flights delayed and miss their connections because of their behavior.

She said that on a recent flight, she and another flight attendant received an emergency call from the captain asking who was vaping in the plane’s bathroom.

The flight attendants didn’t hear a fire alarm go off and didn’t see anyone exiting the bathroom because they were busy, but it was pretty clear that someone had vaped in the restroom.

Natalie said that she asked the person responsible to come forward, but no one did.

Source: TikTok/@yogimagee

Natalie said that if someone doesn’t come forward and admit they vaped or smoked on a plane, the aircraft will be grounded for a two-hour minimum because the system and the plane’s engines need to be overhauled so the crew can figure out why the alarm went off.

She added that this particular flight stopped in Denver, where the crew was equipped to deal with the issue, but in some other cities, the plane would have been out of service for two hours.

Source: TikTok/@yogimagee

Natalie said that her captain told her about another instance where someone did actually admit to vaping in the bathroom and, as a result, the plane wasn’t forced to be grounded and the passenger got a talking to when the plane landed.

She said, “So, moral of the story is, those smoke detectors do work. Do not smoke or vape in the bathroom.”

Source: TikTok/@yogimagee

Check out what she had to say.


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And here’s how folks reacted.

One person said they took vape rips on a plane with another passenger.


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Another viewer shared their own smoke alarm story.

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And this TikTokker doesn’t necessarily think that honestly is the best policy.

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How about we all just agree that we shouldn’t smoke OR vape on planes, okay?

Thanks for your cooperation!