October 1, 2023 at 2:17 pm

‘We all spent 45 minutes discussing a crockpot.’ This Is How People 30 And Over Are Partying Differently These Days

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

It’s time to party!

Wait, what time is it? 9:15?!

I guess the party is over…

Once you get into your thirties, the scenario you just read will probably become more common in your life. Gone will be the days of staying out 2 a.m., getting a few hours of sleep, and heading back into work. You get old and you get lame, people.

That’s how it works.

And a woman named Malena that is clearly now in her thirties knows what this is all about.

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

She posted a video on TikTok that pretty much sums up what house parties are like once you hit the big 3-0.

In the video, a person can be seen pouring mustard on the floor at a house party while other people watch.

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

And then, this party gets wild!

Another person fetches a Tineco vacuum and sucks up the mustard from the floor while the other partygoers have their minds blown.

That was epic!

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

Take a look at the video.


Time of our lives #fyp #party #30s

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And just so you know this wasn’t an isolated incident, a woman named Eve shared a video on TikTok that showed her in the VIP section of a club (really her couch) and then cuts to her wearing a robe and drinking some tea by the time 10:30 p.m. rolled around.

Yup, that about sums it up.


No more after parties for me! Lol 🙈#partying #icanthanganymore #30sclub #dance #vip #clubbingdaysareover

♬ Harlem Shake – Baauer

Here’s what folks had to say about this.

One viewer’s life now revolves around crock pots.

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

Another TikTok user just realized they’re already 30…

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

And this person said a party foul led to a great excuse to show off their new toy!

Source: TikTok/@malenatudi

This is wayyyyyy too accurate!