October 24, 2023 at 4:39 pm

‘We open the door to the room and somebody’s in there.’ A Woman Said She Had Her Hotel Room Cancelled, And Then The One She Was Given For $100 More Had People Sleeping in It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

Something like this actually happened to me and my family once when we were on vacation.

We lugged our bags up the stairs to our motel room, and…there were already people in there.


Now, on to this woman’s story: a woman posted a TikTok video and talked to viewers about what happened when she and her sister had their reservation canceled at a La Quinta Inn in Anaheim, California while they were visiting Disneyland.

She said their reservation was canceled without notice and the folks at La Quinta not only charged them $100 more for another room, but when they got to the new room, people were already sleeping in it.

She sad, “Days ago my sister and I booked a hotel room at a La Quinta Anaheim. We get here tonight after spending an entire day at Disney being up since 4:30 with the baby, our reservation is canceled. Nobody told us. Apparently, the card was declined even though the card was charged but we can’t prove that because her phone’s dead.”

And then the second part of the story: she said, “They checked us into a room, I go to open the room. I’m paying over a hundred dollars more than what we originally paid for. We open the door to the room and somebody’s in there. There’s people in there sleeping.”

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

She said they were finally given yet another new room but it had been a looooong day.

The woman told viewers, “She just gave us a new room, I have to go back up to the fourth floor to pick up my sister and the kids with their luggage to take them back down to the second floor. I’m honestly so disappointed. It is past midnight.”

She continued with her TikTok review and said, “I went down to the lobby and I told the lady that somebody was sleeping in the room that she just tried to check us into and she was like, ‘Oh well it’s clean on the system’. And when we originally were trying to check in she was giving us attitude. ‘There’s nobody here under the name Howard. Well, your card declined. You’re on the declined list.’ Which was just strange in itself because we talked to somebody this morning to confirm our check-in to get an early check-in.”

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

She said when they got to the final room on their voyage, “she did give us a room that has an extra room in it. That’s cool but that does not make up for the insane inconvenience. It is almost one in the morning, and we’re just barely laying down.”

She ended the video by saying, “There should be no reason we had to pay over a hundred dollars more to stay at a hotel we had already planned to stay at,” Raychol says. “And the extra room in the hotel does make up for the fact that we are getting in bed way later than we should have.”

What a pain!

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

Here’s her video.


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And here’s what people had to say about it.

One viewer said she needs to talk to management.

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

Another person said this could actually turn into a lawsuit.

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

And this TikTokker said people need to travel with hotel deadbolts.

Source: TikTok/@mamaraychol

La Quinta, let’s do a little bit better, huh?

Get your act together!