November 20, 2023 at 6:36 am

Bridezilla Didn’t Want A Bridesmaid To Wear Glasses, So The Group Of Bridesmaids Got Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@brookecagle

Bridezillas are NOT for the faint of heart, my friends

For some reason, brides who act like this think they’re teaching people all kinds of lessons, but all they actually end up doing is ruining their own weddings.

It’s crazy!

A woman shared a story on Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page about her friend’s run-in with an out-of-control bride.

Comply with Bridezilla or leave, ok?

“My friend (Jemma) tells me about how she and an entire group of Bridesmaids left a wedding after their friend dared them to.

Oh, there was a problem…

So this all happened a few weeks ago, a long time friend of Jemma’s group was getting married in another state but the day of the wedding she suddenly had a problem with one girl who wore glasses, which she didn’t have an issue with beforehand.

The glasses girl told her she wouldn’t wear them during the vows and pictures but the bridezilla didn’t want her wearing them at all and was screaming at her to not put them on for the rest of the day, obviously she couldn’t do that since she needs to see.

And then, an ultimatum…

The argument got more heated until bridezilla gave her the ultimatum to take them off & keep em off or leave. This is when jemma and the other bridesmaids stepped in, told bridezilla she was out of line, and that they would all leave if she forced the girl with glasses to leave.

I bet she didn’t see this coming!

Bridezilla called their bluff and, being maids of honor, the bridesmaids left the wedding and decided to celebrate and eat at a restaurant before they head back home.

Bridezilla called them several times after they left, telling them that she didn’t care about the glasses anymore and begged them to come back to the venue, but they not only refused but also chose to end the friendship, with her, all together.

This wedding sounded pretty AWKWARD.

Jemma said that the wedding proceeded as follows, just minus the bridesmaids and a few awkward stares because everyone heard the bridezilla’s screaming from earlier.

It sounds like this woman had been a pain in the neck for a long time.

Jemma told me that the bridezilla has always been like this, throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way, and that the meltdown at the wedding was just the last straw for them.

Personally, I think she’s got a monk’s patience if she put up with her for that long.”

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Do you think this Bridezilla learned her lesson?

Probably not!