May 5, 2024 at 6:23 pm

‘This whole process, just like takes forever.’ – Traveler Got Stuck in Mexico After Her Frontier Airlines Flight Was Overbooked

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@shotbylexirose

Frontier Airlines is really going through it, huh?

The company has had a lot of bad publicity recently, and a woman named Lex added to the conversation when she talked about what happened to her recently.

Lex explained that she took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico recently with her boyfriend and that she had to stay there for an extra day because of a screw-up by Frontier.

She said she received a text message the day she was due to leave Cancun telling her that their flight was almost full.

She said she and her boyfriend checked in for the flight but weren’t given seat numbers.

Source: TikTok/@shotbylexirose

Lex explained that when they got to the airport, “There’s tons of people and we go up and they’re doing the passport verification. And the guy’s like, we have to finish the boarding group process before we can give you any information.”

They were then told they’d have to spend another night in Mexico and fly home the next day.

“This whole process, just like takes forever. And then we have to wait for the shuttle to come. And like by the time we actually make it to this hotel, which is just like the most average hotel, and it’s just in the middle of nowhere.”

Source: TikTok/@shotbylexirose

“The first thing is, if you can, and if you have the funds, just buy a frickin’ seat on the plane. You need to check in as early as possible. It’s kind of like Southwest, like they just hand out those extra seats, like you know, based on who comes in first.”

Source: TikTok/@shotbylexirose

Take a look at what she had to say.


This was a wild experience lol. @Frontier Airlines can you NOT overbook flights by 20 people? Especially internationally… #frontierairlines #frontierairlinessucks #overbookedflight #travelnightmare #frontier #cancuntravel #stuckinmexico #budgettravel

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And one person said this can be risky.

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Frontier strikes again!

Good grief…

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