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A House Guest Was Taking Advantage Of Their Kindness, So They Made Sure He Had An Uncomfortable Ride To School

by Matthew Gilligan

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If I stay at someone’s house, I go out of my way to be the best houseguest possible.

I’m quiet, clean, and I try to stay in the background.

But you know how some folks can be…AWFUL.

Check out how this guy handled a rude person who was staying in his house.

Petty revenge against an entitled house guest.

“So I was working with this guy (M42) an he needs a place to crash, his home had severe problems with roaches an he couldn’t live there no more until it was properly sorted out.

They were trying to be nice…

So, to be generous, I agreed to let him stay a couple of days at my place until his wife could arrange some other accommodation.

Now this guy was fine, easy to get on with an helped out a lot round the house as like a thank you. But his son (M17) was the most entitled,annoying brat you could meet.

Like, he treated the place like it was his own. He’d noisily stay up all night on his laptop, loudly gaming and drinking mountain dew until it was time for school.

I gamed with him a lot an we had fun, despite him being annoying sometimes, though by about 11 pm of building stuff on Minecraft Id suggest going to bed.

This kid was a pain in ***.

He’d also spend ages in the bathroom in the morning, either taking ages in the shower using all the hot water or just on his phone for some reason.

Kinda a pain with other people in the house an only one bathroom.

My place was on the other side of the city from his school so he’d always have to be ready early so his dad could take him-usually he’d still be late from his long periods spent in the bathroom or gaming.

Even though his dad apologised profusely an had a talk with the boy, we both decided on a little petty revenge.

The next school day when he’d been up all night drinking mountain dew, I made sure to slip into the bathroom before him.

Might as well take your time…

He started knocking on the door saying he had to go. I told him I’d be out in a minute but continued to run the water loudly, knowing he was probably squirming around outside. I texted his dad that the plan was in motion.

After 10 minutes, I heard his dad say they were going to be late and that he’d better hurry.

I came out just as his dad was bundling him an his school stuff into the car, as he was whining about really needing the bathroom.

Telling him it was available just as the car door was shut, that must’ve been a long and uncomfortable ride to school.”

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