November 28, 2023 at 6:27 pm

He Learned His Girlfriend’s Native Language And Eavesdropped On Her Gossiping With Her Friends. – ‘This is what I’ve heard in the past few months.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@GoodSurpriseGoneBad

The story you’re about to read from Reddit’s “Today I ****** Up” page will make you smile…because it’s pretty sweet!

And it’s also an interesting one!

The guy who wrote set the scene and said his girlfriend is from South Africa…

TIFU when I (25m) learned the language my GF (22) speaks when she gossips with her friends.

“My GF is South African. Her native language is Afrikaans.

I’ve been learning how to speak Afrikaans without my gf knowing. I secretly applied for online courses that I’ve been using on and off for more than a year now. My plan was to surprise my gf and her family with my “American Afrikaans” when I finally meet her parents in person for the first time later this year.

And he’s been learning some new information about his GF.

I never intended to eavesdrop or anything, but learning Afrikaans in secret accidentally exposed me to sensitive information that my gf was sharing on the phone with her Afrikaans speaking friends from South Africa. It was gossip I was not supposed to understand, but eventually I did. This is what I’ve heard in the past few months:

My gf is planning to surprise me on my birthday by reuniting with her high school metal band and putting on a show for me.

My gf wants to tattoo the names of literally all the Harry Potter spells on her back, but she doesn’t know how to tell me because she’s afraid I’ll talk her out of it.

My gf casually mentioned that one of the unexpected differences between her glasses and her contact lenses is that when she’s on her knees looking up at me with her glasses on, my junk looks much bigger compared to what it looks like through her contact lenses, which is why she’s keeping her glasses on during *** (ouch).

Wait, there’s more!

My gf is convinced that my parents are swingers because apparently there are always attractive couples hanging out at my mom and dad’s house whenever we visit.

My gf secretly finished the entire series of Better Call Saul without me, even though we agreed to finish it together, so now she’s pretending to have no idea how the show ends.

My gf is thinking about cancelling the high school metal band reunion for my birthday because she’s no longer sure if it’s appropriate to team up with two of her exes that are original members of the band.

My gf expects her dad not to like me.

And now he finds himself in a pickle!

I would’ve preferred not knowing most of those things to be honest, but there is no way for me to unlearn Afrikaans, so now I’m cursed with knowing too much while having to pretend I know nothing.”

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