November 25, 2023 at 9:23 am

Her Roomba Is Nowhere To Be Found For Two Days. She Finally Figures Out It Escaped And Is Cleaning The Streets.

by Justin Gardner

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

I swear this could be a Pixar movie. Or at least a short film.

A woman recently lost her Roomba and didn’t know where the little guy went.

But then…

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

Her video’s caption reads, “Couldn’t find my Roomba for two days and then saw this on the Ring camera.”

Just look at that little guy follow the path and wander away…

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

This is probably the most adorable escape I’ve seen in quite some time.

Eventually, the Roomba came back (or was found… it’s unclear)… and it’s lives some life out there!

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

Here’s the OG escape video…


Come back! #freedom #escape #roomba #joke #funny

♬ Freedom! ’90 – George Michael

And the follow up…


Replying to @drgnmom4thr33 FREE THE ROOMBA

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Naturally, the internet LOVED this little tale and the comments were hilarious.

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

See! People want to see this movie too! Pixar… get on it!

Apparently, roombas just leaving their homes is a thing? Are these things becoming self aware?

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

And what exactly is Sonic Drive-In doing commenting?

Source: TikTok/@betzyproduction

I guess their social media team has to have some fun too, right?

Alright fam… find me a cuter story than this! I dare you!