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‘I walked into class to see an empty desk.’ Student Gets Revenge On English Teacher By Recording Her Outbursts Over Lost Papers

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s a tough thing to admit, but some people who go into the teaching profession just SHOULDN’T BE TEACHERS.

Yes, it’s harsh, but it’s true.

And this former high schooler shared a story on Reddit that proves this point in a major way.

It all started a few years ago when they were a senior…and they weren’t necessarily a fan of a certain teacher.

Want to fail the half the class because you lost our papers? Enjoy early retirement!

“This happened during senior year in high school 4 years ago.

I had an english teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith, or how she liked to refer to herself, Dr. Smith (she didn’t have a doctorates), was a mean old bat that didn’t like anything and everything. She was ugly inside and out.

To give a mental image of what she looks like, her face sagged so much it looked like she had a perpetual stroke. She had about 2 feet in between her eyebrows and her eyes. Imagine Ursula and Cruella DeVille had a child and then that child had a baby with the Devil. You get Mrs. Smith.

And it seemed like no one was a fan of this lady…and she wasn’t very good at her job, either.

None of the other english teachers liked her. There was nothing that they nor the administration could do due to her tenure. That is, until I became her student.

Her teaching style included, but was not limited to, yelling at students, putting them down with petty insults, having us read to ourselves in the middle of class, kicking out students that were dozing off then later fall asleep at her desk, not letting female students go to the restroom for very obvious reasons, and the occasional losing students work then accuse the students of not turning their work in. This last part is what crossed the line for me.

You see, I wasn’t a grade A student and I sucked at english, so I always played my cards right and made friends with everyone. Students and teachers included. So when I struggled and couldn’t do something on my own, I let my charm save me and cash out on my months of beings nice to everyone. However, no one could be friends with Mrs. Smith.

And then there was a certain incident that occurred with some English papers.

I tried being polite. I was met with rudeness. I tried asking her how her morning was. I was met with silence and dead stares. I tried asking how I could improve in my writing skills, she told me that she wasn’t willing to help. Within the first week of class, I knew I had met my match.

So half way through the semester, we’re working on a big research paper. However, the day after the due date, Mrs. Smith had to go up to Illinois for some family issues for 2 weeks. Mind you, we turned in our papers both in hand and on for plagiarism checking. No biggie. We won’t get our grades back for a while but at least we won’t have to deal with her ****. Or so we thought.

A few days after she gets back, only about half of the students got their papers back. The other half (including myself) were sitting there staring and waiting, thinking that she was going to go back to her desk and pull out the remaining papers to return to her students. But nope, she told us to take out our text books and start reading Beowulf.

The students were confused about what happened.

Some students, including myself, that didn’t receive their papers tried to interject and inquire about our papers, and she snapped back with “You should have turned them in when they were due”. In unison, we respond with “We did”. Of course, she denies it, and within a few days, our grades drop immensely.

At the end of the grading period (2nd six weeks), our report cards show a big fat F for english. Everyone is livid. And the worst part is if you get anything below a C, you were to be moved to lower level english at the end of the semester. Between the 0 from the paper that carried almost half of our grade and only a few weeks remaining in the semester, almost half of the class was doomed to fail out.

But this student had a big ace up their sleeve.

Now, most of the students were happy with having to leave her class. There was not much they could do. But I was careful. Remember the teaching methods I mentioned above? Well Mrs. Smith thought that because we were in a class room that had no cameras, her behavior wasn’t being recorded. She was wrong.

From the second week on, I started recording audio on my phone every day from the moment I walked in to the class to the moment I left. Every. Day. I caught every single one of her personal attacks of students on tape. When she fell asleep, I pulled out my phone and recorded her.

My pleas for help to improve and her refusal to help weren’t left out either. Every day, I would go home, cut the audio to keep the good parts. And every day, my collection of dirt on her grew. And remember how I said we used as well as paper? I had coordinated with all of the other students who were going to fail to screen shot all of their turnitin receipts and send them to me as proof that they turned in their work.

And Dr. Smith was about to get raked over the coals.

When she decided to fail me for her mistake, she unleashed hell on herself. I went straight to the administration and scheduled a parent-teacher-admin conference. A week later, my parents, the principal, the school counselor, the head of the english department, and Mrs. Smith were all present.

I started with how she had lost half of the class’s work and most of us failed because of it. She denied it and again accused us of turning out our work in late as well as cheating and a bunch of other **** and lies.

I remained calmed and just pulled out a folder that contained all of the screenshots from my backpack and handed it to the principal who then passed it to the head of the english department who then asked Mrs. Smith to explain it. She instantly turned red in the face and started stuttering. Before she could get any words out, I say, “That’s not all. Listen to this”

It was GO time…and things were about to get serious for the teacher.

I pull out my phone and start playing back the highlights from the semester. All the while, I’m staring dead into Mrs. Smith’s eyes while trying to hold back a **** eating grin.

The suspense in the room would’ve killed Jason Statham.

After the audio finished the principal looked at me and said, “I think we’ve seen enough” and asked me to leave.

I sat outside of the conference room savoring the muffled yelling through the walls. I’m pretty sure I heard my dad call her something really horrible but I don’t want to point fingers.

The parent-teacher conference was on a friday. I walked into class the following monday to see an empty desk and a substitute teacher we all recognized and loved.

10/10, would document everything again.”

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