November 30, 2023 at 10:28 am

‘I’m just a little confused.’ Customers Were Annoyed When Barista Wore An In-N-Out Burger Uniform

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Some people just can’t take a joke…

A barista named Jorlala told viewers that she wore an In-N-Out Burger uniform for Halloween at her job and it seemed like some folks just weren’t getting the joke that day.

The text overlay on her video reads, “Actual things customers said to me about my costume at work today.”

Jorlala said some of the questions and comments she received included, “Are you like, going to work after this or something?”, “Do you have like another job or something?”, and “Umm, OK, I’m just a little confused by your outfit right now. Because this isn’t In-N-Out.”

When she told one customer that it was her Halloween costume, they responded, “Well, it’s kinda misleading.”

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Another customer told Jorlala that she was the “******* In-N-Out worker I’ve ever seen!”

So she has that going for her…

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Another customer actually believed that they were at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant and tried to order fries from her.

Oh, boy…

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

Now it’s time to see her video.


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And here’s how viewers reacted.

One person made a hilarious comment.

Good point!

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

This viewer has heard something like this before.

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

And one TikTok user and their co-workers all got dressed up in a rival store’s uniforms.

Source: TikTok/@jorlala

A lot of folks out there aren’t too bright, huh?

That’s an understatement!