November 29, 2023 at 7:11 am

‘Marrying a woman like me has ruined his manhood.’ She Hates To Cook, So Her Mother And Sister-In-Law Put Her On Blast

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

There are all kinds of different relationship dynamics in the world, and while some of them might not work for you, they do just fine for other people.

OP is a woman who does not enjoy cooking, but she married into a family in which the other females very much do.

I (F28) dislike cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I cook for survival. But it is not something I like or enjoy.

At my in laws, both my MIL and SIL are stay at home partners and love to cook. Neither of their husbands lift a finger to help and they like it that way.

Once she was married to their guy, they invited her into the kitchen to help prepare a meal. OP hated every minute of it.

Before marriage, I was treated as a guest. But since my marriage 6 months ago, they expect, want and demand I cook with them. .

First few times I went along with it but I hated it. It took 5-7 hours to make food and do dishes.

The next time a gathering was scheduled, she suggested they order out. When they said no thanks, she said ok well then tell me what to bring so I can buy it.

So when they planned a get together last weekend and discussed the menu, I suggested ordering in. This way everyone can be more relaxed. They looked like I insulted them.

I told them they can cook but to give me list of what I should make, I will buy it.

They were appalled and made all kinds of not-so-veiled comments about him having thrown his life away on a woman like her.

They said that’s not how traditions work and if I hate it do much, I can relax with men.

Thats exactly what I did. Much to their anger. I helped setting place and serving, but that was it.

As we were eating my husband commented how good something tasted. MIL immediately went on about how I wouldn’t be cooking anything for him.

When he said he can cook for himself SIL chimed in with how her husband or dad never had to cook a day in their life. How marrying a woman like me has ruined his manhood.

I looked at my husband and we both left. MIL and SIL are blasting our phones over my arrogance and calling him spineless. Even my mom is taking their side now.

But guess who don’t care ?

I think this is pretty nuts, but what does Reddit think? Let’s find out!

The top comment says there doesn’t seem to be an issue with her husband’s spine.

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This person thinks their marriage seems better than good.

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It’s goals, honestly.

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Traditional gender roles are for the birds.

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Those women have a pretty myopic view of the world.

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I am sad that OP’s in-laws chose to treat her that way.

But happy that she has a husband who isn’t going to put up with it.