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She Devised A Plan To Humiliate A Fellow Student After She Stole Her Fashion Designs

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@john_cameron


They’re the worst!

And the scary part about a lot of them is that they’re so manipulative and narcissistic that they don’t think they’ll ever get caught.

But the person you’re going to read about definitely did!

And they paid a big price.

The story starts at a fashion design school far, far away.

Steal my design and get all the credits? Enjoy getting kicked off.

“So my friend over in Korea studies fashion design.

She sometimes sends me over the sketches of the designs, and they all look amazing. (Then again, I’m not into fashion.) She is particularly interested in designing handbags and purses. She told me a story about how she shut down one of the most entitled, self-centered, lazy students on campus.


Grace: Our main character girl

Jane: the evil one

Professor: The instructor of the course

Things seemed fine at first.

At first, Grace and Jane got along just fine. They were both interested in similar stuff, and quickly became bffs. Grace decided to show Jane her sketches and designs for handbags and purses, and Jane was so impressed by it. Because the sketches were in incredible detail, including all the patterns and sew lines, coupled with figurative measurements.

Even Professor was impressed by it, and it was no surprise that Grace got a high mark on their first major exam. Jane didn’t do so well, and practically followed Grace everywhere to get pointers on how to do better.

So Grace decided to help her out.

Bad idea!

Unfortunately, Jane turned out to be one of the most entitled, lazy, and selfish people that Grace has ever met. Things that JAne did to **** Grace off included, but not limited to:

Not paying attention

Being late on their study session

Never showed appreciation

Didn’t pay for coffee or snack

Complaining annoyingly about how hard it was to draw something

Grace pretty much gave up on her after a week, refusing to meet Jane outside of her class. Time went by and for their mid-term, everyone in the class had to do a presentation on the stuff they had designed.

And Grace was about to get a huge SHOCK.

When it was Jane’s turn, Grace was shocked to see Jane had stolen one of her designs. Thankfully Grace had multiple designs going on so there were no conflicts when it was her turn to present, but she was seething with rage.

Grace had a meeting with the professor afterwards, and the professor knew what was going on, but couldn’t really do anything with Jane because it turns out she was the daughter of the chairman (or one of the major investors, Grace said she can’t recall). The chairman apparently blackmailed the professor into giving Jane the best grades.

It was revenge time!

The revenge:

Professor did, however, help Grace devise a plan to humiliate and expose Jane. For the finals, the professor announced to the class they would do another presentation, but it would be three designs and advised they had to bring their A games because professionals from industries would be grading their work, and the head of the department and the chairman would be there as well.

Grace had an ace up her sleeve.

So you know how Grace had a bunch of sketches for the class? Well, Grace also had a separate sketchbook that had designs from major brands. MK, Coach, you name it. She never used these directly for class assignments, but rather as inspirations for her designs.

Grace pretended to be all friendly with Jane again, and brought the other sketchbook on their meetings, still putting up with all the problems mentioned above. Grace secretly worked tirelessly on her new design, and did her best to keep it a secret from Jane.

Jane was about to get slammed.

So the day of the final presentation arrives, and Grace and Professor are grinning because they know what is about to happen. Grace went first, and she got a lot of praise from the judges.

After a few more presentations, the last one to go was Jane. Jane’s presentation turned out to be another copycat, copying designs of not one, not two, but three different companies. After the presentation, this was how it went all down (at least according to Grace):

Judge 1: So you are saying you designed all these by yourself, right?

Jane: That’s right

Judge 1: And you swear that it really was your design, and didn’t copy off from anything else, right?

Jane: I swear

Judge 1: ….You are aware your designs are from (three brands)?

Jane: huh?

Judge 1: Are you aware that these are on market right now, and some of the most popular designs?

Jane: Wait, hold on-

Judge 2: Yeah, I was going to bring this up. If you had worked for any brands, you would have probably been fired or worse case, sued

Jane: But-

Judge 2: Please, I am not done yet; Did you honestly think this would work? We (the judges) have been in the industry for over 10 years. We know a copycat when we see it.

Jane: But these aren’t even my designs! They are from Grace!

Judge 3: (To Grace) is this true?

Grace: Yes, but I’d never use them for major projects nor call them my work; I just use sketches of them as inspirations for my own designs

Judge 3: Well, that was clear from your presentation (Turning back to Jane) Now, Ms. Jane, this is a clear case of plagiarism, and I do hope your school is merciful on this matter.

Jane landed in HOT water.

After the presentation was over, the chairman screamed at the professor in front of everyone, not realizing he just revealed all the blackmailing and the secret grade deal. Jane tried to call out Grace on how “you screwed me over”, but it really didn’t matter.

No one listened to Jane’s attempt and slander, and was kicked out of the school. Chairman pretty much lost all support and had to resign, and was replaced by far more honorable and competent one.”

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