November 14, 2023 at 12:33 pm

‘There’s nobody there to work.’ Air Traffic Controller Explains Why You Should Avoid Evening Flights “Like the Plague”

by Laura Lynott

Do Not Fly At Night TikTok Theres nobody there to work. Air Traffic Controller Explains Why You Should Avoid Evening Flights Like the Plague

An air traffic controller let’s people into a bit of shocking news – that would make some of us rethink night flights!

@doaviation explained that at night around 60pc of air traffic controllers clock off and the skies are guarded by a much depleted number of staff.

Source: TikTok/@doaviation

He told his TikTok followers: “I’m an air traffic controller, and there are about 139 Federal standalone air traffic control towers in the United States. I work on one.”

So far so good. Interesting info.

He continues: “And every night 84 of those, about 60pc shutdown and all the controllers go home. And there’s nobody there to work traffic.”

Wait… WHAT?!?

Source: TikTok/@doaviation

“And then they come back in the morning and reopen.”

And during those hours, when the control tower is closed, it’s the pilots responsibility to talk to other pilots and make sure that they’re not going to hit each other.”

Source: TikTok/@doaviation


Not even slightly anxiety inducing!

Here’s the full clip:


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Here’s what y’all thought:

Cough. Folk aren’t scared at all…

Source: TikTok/@doaviation

Uncontrolled what?!

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Cat radio? I’m THERE!

Source: TikTok/@doaviation

Yeah… no night time flights from now on.