November 17, 2023 at 9:18 am

‘So I don’t have a panic attack.’ Person Documented Turning Off And Unplugging Appliances Before Taking A Trip And People Think It’s A Genius Idea

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/kelsointhehouse

This TikToker describes how they cannot leave the house without repeatedly checking all their plugged out items aren’t about to set the house on fire!

In what is a real issue for a lot of people who responded, this TikToker explains just what a nightmare the prep for a long car journey can be.

@kelsointhehouse filmed themselves checking they unplugged every appliance in their home, so they can get on the road.

But even that was NOT enough. They had to go back around, for another check.

“I’m making this, so I don’t have a panic attack and have to drive home,” Kelso said. “Each of these these are off, see,” they say, pointing to the knobs on the cooker.

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

“They’re all pointing up. The air fryer is not even plugged in. Okay and it’s far away, so it can’t plug itself in and so is the wax burner.”

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

They added: “The flat iron is also (off.) To be fair, you don’t even use a flat iron. And those (more utilities) are also unplugged, so they don’t randomly cause a fire, even though I don’t even think they would do that, but they might, so they’re unplugged.”

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

They continued: “Just come back over here to make sure they didn’t randomly just turn on while I went into the other room. We’re good stove is still off.”

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

And they’re almost done.

“Air fryer is still unplugged. So, it was our experiment. We should be good to go on this long drive. I’m gonna check the stove one more time…”

Here’s the full clip:


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Here’s what the internet thought:

A lot of folk totally relate.

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

People think this is a thing they have too.

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

More folk relating. It’s a cool clip!

Source: TikTok/@kelsointhehouse

I’m definitely going to do this next time I go out of town!