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Woman Keeps Seeing The Same Man Throughout Her Life And The Story Is Wild – ‘I don’t know if he’s a non-playable character.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

Imagine if you went to school with this kid and even though you moved a bunch of times, this same kid keeps popping up in your life?!

@ajmagnifica18 told her followers she’d moved from New York to Michigan as a kid and back, And yet this same boy, was right behind her the whole time.

And he even popped up in conversation recently when she discovered her co-corker was engaged to him!

This is the story of Steve. Take a seat!

@ajmagnifica18 said: “For 37 years there has been a person who has existed on the periphery of my life. I don’t know if he’s a non-playable character. I don’t know what he is. But this is the story of me. And this boy, we’ll call him Steve.”

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

She continued: “I start preschool and I’m three-years-old. I go to preschool. This is boy in my class name steep hill, we go to preschool together in kindergarten. We go to kindergarten get together, okay. It’s not that weird. There’s multiples kindergartens, in the city that we lived in. It wasn’t that strange right to end up with the same kindergarten.”

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

She added: “We’re in the same class that kindergarten first and second grade, but something happens in second grade. Okay. In second grade, my family moved from New York to Michigan, we moved away. I was a new kid in second grade. I start my new Class a couple months later in my new second grade class in a new state.”

And wouldn’t you know it…

“My teacher says ‘Hey, kids, we’re getting a new kid.’ Guess who the kid is. Guess. Guess what. It’s Steve.”

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

She continued: “Steve comes walking in and I’m like, weird. ‘Weird, Steve. Did your family move here too?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, we sure did.’ Weird. So in second, third and fourth grade, we’re in the same class.”

Now, I don’t know about you – but I am FREAKED out. Who is Steve and what does he want?!

She added: “In fifth grade, my parents switched houses in the same town that we lived in, but it was a big city. So, we had to switch schools again. So I’m a new kid, right in fifth grade, starting on the first day and my teacher’s like, ‘Hey, there’s another kid, who also went to your old school. He’s in the other class.’ Guess who it is? It’s Steve. It’s Steve again. He switched schools with me. Okay.”

This is some kinda cray cray, right? But our girl ain’t done there with this story.

Hold tight…

She said: “In seventh grade, after we’ve been to the same middle school together as well. We moved back to New York to a different town than we originally lived in. Okay.”

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

She added: “I moved there in May of that year. Our teachers like, ‘Hey, we have a new kid shadowing. He’s also from Michigan, where you were you just came from.’ Guess who it is? It’s freaking Steve. It’s Steve again. His family also moved back from New York to the same weird random town that we lived in.”

The story goes on and on right up to her adulthood and Steve’s name pops up over a water cooler convo!

She continues: “Now this morning. I’m in the coffee room at work. I have a co-worker who’s talking about her fiancé. I’m not friends with this girl. I barely know this girl she mentioned. ‘Oh, my fiancé, Steve.’ And I go ‘Excuse me. Excuse me. What’s your fiancé’s last name?'”

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

And we are almost there! She finished: “I felt like Brad Pitt with the box. What’s in the box? What’s in the box? What’s his last name? Guess who it is? Guess who it is? It’s Steve. It’s the same Steve, what does it mean?.”

Watch the full EPIC clip below:


Are steve and i supposed to join forces?! What does this mean?? #glitch #glitchinthematrix #coincidence #npc

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There’s a glitch in that matrix!

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

Buy one matrix get two for free!

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

Yeah, they went through a lot separately but together…

Source: TikTok/@ajmagnifica18

Yeah… how is this woman shading Steve and not bringing him into her life more?

Maybe they don’t like each other?