November 20, 2023 at 1:43 am

‘Working so hard to break the toxic cycles.’ Millennial Mom Says Boomers Shouldn’t Talk To Kids, And People Have A Lot Of Feelings

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

Hmm. This ‘Millennial’ mom ain’t happy with people she doesn’t think ‘Boomers’ should talk to kids, if they don’t know them…

There’s a LOT to work with here.

@Kay.n.zee ain’t happy with people talking to her kid and she thinks this is for sure a Boomer problem and she wants it to STOP!

She told her followers on TikTok: “This is a request as a Millennial Mom, for Boomers to stop talking to children that you don’t know, other than simple things like hi, or I like your shoes.”

Okay but I’m NOT sure all Boomers are gonna get your TikTok memo…. Anyhoo.

Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

She continued nevertheless: “My daughter and I were just a Target as a Boomer came up to us to talk to my daughter, and she says, ‘Oh, you are so pretty.’ And my daughter just looks at her and doesn’t say anything, because she doesn’t talk to people that she doesn’t know.”

Fair enough. Stranger danger has been going since Boomer times, for sure.

She added: “And I said, ‘Oh, thank you.’ She just stands there for a few moments, like waiting for my daughter to respond. And then she says, ‘Oh, look at those eyes. So pretty.’ And I say, ‘Oh, thank you. She’s shy. She doesn’t talk to people that she doesn’t know.’

Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

But this Millennial-Boomer standoff ain’t over…

She added: “And again, she just stands there and she says, ‘You don’t think you’re pretty’.  Just like that. I was like, Oh my God. And I said, ‘No, she knows she’s beautiful. She just doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t know.’ Why would you even plant that idea in her head? My daughter is two-and-a-half, doesn’t know what not pretty is.”

Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

She continued: “She knows that everyone and everything is pretty, beautiful, interesting. Like Millennial and Gen Z parents are working so hard to break the toxic cycles of self loathing and self hatred that Boomers instilled in them, but it’s like every chance that they get to puke it out onto an innocent child. They take it…”

Ouch. Not cool. But also. I don’t know it’s cool to be ageist either…One day the next gen will be mad at Millennials too. It’s how it goes. The wondrous circle of life!

Watch the full angry-harmony clip here:


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Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

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Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

This teacher says talking to adults is good for kids’ social skills but Millennial mom ain’t buying it.

Source: TikTok/@kay.n.zee

I don’t know mom… it’s a little weird you’re calling out a certain age group for your kid to not talk to.

It’s not the age… it’s the intention.