December 29, 2023 at 9:52 am

Former FBI Agent Warns Against Using A DNA Kit From 23andMe. – ‘What if they get taken over by another company?’

by Matthew Gilligan

TikTok23andme Former FBI Agent Warns Against Using A DNA Kit From 23andMe.   What if they get taken over by another company?

Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

DNA testing kits seem to be all the rage these days with people who want to find out about their family roots.

But one retired FBI agent named Steve Lazarus posted a video on TikTok and talked to viewers about why he thinks they SHOULDN’T use DNA kits from companies like 23andMe and

Lazarus said, “Today’s topic is those home DNA test kits that promise to put you in contact with family members you never knew existed. For me, it’s a hard no. And if you wanted the reason in one word, it’s privacy.”

Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

He talked about what he views as risks associated with DNA testing and he talked about a particular case from Florida that caused a stir in 2019.

He said, “Do you really think a health insurance company wouldn’t want a copy of your DNA when they’re deciding whether or not to grant your coverage or to allow you to get a treatment for an existing or a pre-existing condition?”

Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

Lazarus brought up another question to viewers and said, “What if they get taken over by another company that doesn’t share their moral or their ethical views?”


Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

Check out what he had to say.


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Here’s how people reacted.

This viewer said some people are better off not knowing…

Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

Another TikTokker talked about other ways these kits are used.

Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

Make everyone take on because a couple people got caught?

Umm, no.

One person sounded like they won’t be doing this anytime soon.

Source: TikTok/steve.lazarus.books

While DNA testing is controversial, it can have some positive side effects.

Still, this post brings up a lot of reason to be cautious.

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