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Friend Feeds Her Dog A Piece Of Food That It Could Be Allergic To, So She Kicks Everybody Out Of The Party

by Matthew Gilligan

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Here’s a life tip: never feed someone’s dog other than dog food or a dog treat.


Because you have no clue what the pooch might be allergic to and you could make it really sick…or worse.

So you can understand why this woman was furious when her friend kicked someone out of her party for feeding her dog from the table.

But did she go too far?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA For kicking out my friend and ending the party after she fed my dog a “treat”?

“I(28F)always knew that when I can live alone, I wanted to have a dog.

When I moved, I had that opportunity in the form of a relative’s pet that needed to be rehomed. She was already very old(13), deaf and generally needed a lot of attention. Its been a year and I love this dog. She truly changed my life. I am absolutely an annoying dog mom.

She’s also very allergic to something that her vet and I are trying to figure out what. It manifests in dry flaky skin that she will itch hard enough to bleed.

This dog can’t eat a whole lot of different things.

We’re trying a food allergy trial. This means she is on a very specific diet of a prescription dry food until a trial period of 8-9 weeks is over.

If she does get something off-menu, we have to start the trial period over. Most of my friends know this because I always complain how expensive the food is.

Cut to the party: I invited a few close friends around to my place for a holiday shindig. Living far away, work, etc usually keeps us apart so I was super excited.

I ordered us McDonald’s (we all agreed beforehand to split a big order because why the hell not) and made a ton of jokes to my dog about how ‘None of it is for you young lady!’ in front of everyone.

I’ll admit this was a thinly veiled reminder for everyone else too. The food comes and we’re all having a good time.

Then…it happened…

I step away to find my friend (25F) dropping a piece of fish filet for my dog to gobble up in the kitchen.

I freak out and ask her what she was doing. Again, my dog is deaf so she just keeps pawing my friend for another peice, which she gave her saying “But she’s so cute! A little piece of fish can’t hurt”

I’ll admit it, I kind of lost it.

We were 6 weeks into the trial and now I would have to start all over, buying so much more expensive food.

I’m sure I yelled and cussed at her. I dont really remember, I saw red.

Time to give some folks the boot.

I do remember telling everyone that I’m sorry but I’m too angry to enjoy or host a party right now and asked everyone to leave.

I told them to also feel free to take the remaining food and don’t worry about paying for their shares since I’m the reason the party is ending early.

The next day I apologized to my friend for yelling.

She seems very hurt and isn’t very open to continuing the conversation. She says she honestly forgot and didnt see the harm.

Her friends are divided on this one…

To be fair, fish was on the list of things I don’t suspect she is allergic to and may have mentioned that to the group.

Also, my dog also is on other medications that stop any harmful reactions to off-list foods. At most she’ll get flaky skin, but not super itchy or upset stomach or anything.

My friends overall seem pretty split. Half the group thinks im justified and aren’t upset with me ending the party knowing how much I care about my dog. The other half thinks I’m overreacting over a piece of fish.”

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I wouldn’t be cool with someone giving my dog food like that.

No way!

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