December 26, 2023 at 6:51 pm

Her Favorite Teacher Was Fired For Not Breaking The Law, So This Student Uncovers Major Fraud And Gets People Arrested

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@taypaigey

This is a wild one, folks!

The story comes to us from Reddit’s “Nuclear Revenge” page and it’s a doozy.

And it might just teach some folks out there not to mess with others…

Let’s dig in!

Favorite teacher gets wrongfully fired, so I get 3/4th of the staff arrested.

“I’ll start off by saying this happened to my sister, and the actions taken were hers.

My sister has always gotten along very well with her teachers, and has a habit of forming actual friendships with them, to the point that she still talks to her 5th grade English teacher (along with many others) decades later.

This happened about 15 years ago. My sister was a student at Job Corps (a government run live-on-campus vocational training program), studying hotel/motel management. She got on extremely well with her hotel/motel management teacher, better than pretty much every teacher she’d already had up to that point.

Something sketchy was going on…

One day, the teacher goes to the center’s dean’s office, and walks in on a paper-shredding session.

It turned out that there was some pretty major embezzling happening at the center; as in more than 60% of the funds for the center were being stolen.

The teacher was appalled, and despite some rather lucrative offers made, refused to join in on these acts.

Her favorite teacher was in for a shock.

Less than a week later, the teacher was fired for trumped up reasons. This was especially bad given the teacher was only 2 years away from retiring, and being fired lost their retirement package.

Needless to say, my sister was ****** off.

Knowing how things typically work, and that almost any report she tried to make would just be swept under the rug (if it was taken seriously at all), she came up with a plan… And took things nuclear.

She took things into her own hands.

Over the next month or two, my sister managed to gather some basic evidence of the embezzling; nothing concrete, but enough to warrant considerable investigation by the authorities.

She took the little evidence she was able to gather, along with the story of what happened to her teacher, and sent the info in an email to the Job Corps regional director. Now like I said, she knew that her email would likely be ignored, or the event swept under the rug, so she got smart.

The email was CCed to EVERY single major person in the Job Corps chain of command, all the way up to the national director, as well as to anyone even tangentially related to Job Corps in the upper-echelons of the Department of Labor, and EVERY member of Congress, as well as the US President’s office (remember, this was a government run program). All in all, the email was sent to over 2000 people.

This was gonna blow up.

Basically, she not only sent the report, but sent it in such a way that everyone who got it could also see everyone else who got it, and she sent it to WAAAAY more people than would be needed to ensure the issue couldn’t be swept under the rug.

2 weeks later, after the investigation finished (never seen the government work so fast on anything that wasn’t collecting owed taxes), only 5 or 6 staff members, out of 20ish that worked in the center, still had their jobs; and at least 5 of the ones fired (including the dean) were facing major criminal charges, with the rest facing minor charges.

I’m not sure of the exact figure on how much was stolen, but it was well into the 7 digits (the embezzling had been happening for years).

The teacher got a VERY nice severance package post-investigation (IIRC, it was 3-year of pay, her full retirement package, and signing a NDA), though she didn’t get her job back; and my sister was given her completion certificate, despite not having finished the requirements of the course (they wanted her gone, but couldn’t kick her out).”

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That was a wild one!

And it sounds like their sister is a force to be reckoned with!

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