December 29, 2023 at 1:52 am

Inconsiderate Roommates Hog Her TV And Tell Her To Watch Her Shows In Her Room, So She Maliciously Complied And Got Entertaining Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@glenncarstenspeters

Good Lord, am I glad that I don’t have roommates anymore like I did in my younger years.

Sure, it wasn’t all bad, but people fighting over the kitchen and especially fighting over the TV made for some interesting times…

And the woman who wrote this story knows exactly what I’m talking about!

And she eventually had to lay down the law…

Housemates tell me to watch TV in my room, no problem!

“During my first year of university, I shared a house with one other girl and 3 boys. The other girl kept to herself mainly.

I was the only one who had a job and therefore that really bought anything with me other than clothes and a laptop.

I decided to be nice and put my TV (quite a decent sized one, I had saved up for a while) in the front room so everybody could watch it as I could always just use my laptop when I was in my bedroom.

One of the boys brought a PlayStation with him and connected it to the TV, which I had absolutely no problem with.

For the first couple of months, everything was fine and they shared using the TV really well.

I would generally watch an hour or 2 the days I wasn’t working and they used it most of the other time.

The boys started to act differently.

After a while, every time I wanted to watch a program I used to get “there are three of us and one of you just go and watch it in your bedroom so we can play FIFA.”

For a lot of programs I have no problem watching on my laptop but there are certain things that are really better to watch on the real TV.

I did point out politely that the television did belong to me and I was only wanting it for an hour (I would also give them plenty of notice when I wanted to watch a program).

And she decided to take action.

Eventually I just had enough and snapped.

I came down to watch something after I told them the previous day I wanted to watch it and they told me to go and watch it in my bedroom.

So I did exactly that.

I unplugged the tv from and disconnected their PlayStation and carried it up to my bedroom.

I set it up just in time to watch my program which I had to turn up extra loud to drown out their moaning and banging on my door.

The only annoying thing is the next day one of them had called the bank of mummy and daddy who apparently agreed with them that I was awful, and had ordered a new tv for them so they only really went without for a week or so until till it arrived (it was a bit smaller too).”

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That was a good one!

Malicious compliance at its finest!

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