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Nurse’s Aide Couldn’t Wear Scrubs To Work So He Wore Something He Knew Would Annoy His Managers

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@nellb13

I don’t make a whole lot of guarantees, but I’m gonna make one right now: this story is gonna make you LAUGH.

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Well, I’m not gonna spoil it for you!

You have to read on and see what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page!

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Management says I can’t wear scrubs in healthcare.

“So about 10 years ago I (35 m now) became a CNA (certified nurses aide) and worked at an assisted living.

In many of these types of buildings cooperate does not want the “nursing home” so they make their nurses and CNAs wear business casual clothes. The place I was at required is to wear a collared shirt and khakis or black pants.

It was hard to find clothes that fit him.

Now I’m a 6’3 male, on the skinnier side, that has been told my legs are so long I look like I’m walking on stilts. That being said finding khakis isn’t easy and I usually need to custom order them, which can be pricey.

Also, I’d like to note that this building had hard carpet everywhere, and I would end up kneeling down to help tie shoes or do other things while helping out my residents, and ended up blowing out the knees on my khakis often.

They got a notice from management.

On to the malicious compliance. One day management says that we were allowed to wear appropriate yoga pants that were black or khaki colored, with no reason given.

This does nothing to help me and my holy khaki situation, and as I was making $12/hr and custom ordered pants were very expensive to me. So I decided I was gonna buy black and khaki scrub pants bc they are cheaper and more durable.

But then they got called into the office.

I go on wearing them for about a week without issue when management calls me in and states that the policy is no scrub pants, and I would be written up if I do it again. I try to explain the financial situation that each pair of khakis were costing me most of a days wage and the knees would wear it quick. They respond with, “Tough ****, no scrubs”

I then grab the flyer they posted about yoga pants and start to make the case that if women are allowed to wear yoga pants which are much cheaper, I should be able to wear scrubs. Again they say, “No it’s not the same”

At this point I look down and see the wording on the flyer is, “As a thank you for your hard work, Management has decided to allow all Nursing staff to wear appropriate yoga pants if they would like.” No gender noted, just that they must be black/khaki and not low cut.

It was time to have a little bit of fun!

Que the malicious compliance, I go home and tell my gf at the time about this and ask her for a pair of her black yoga pants. Just an FYI she was barely 5’3 and when I tried them on they barely went past my knees, they covered my butt though so they worked.

The next day I walked into work proudly sporting the high water yoga pants with my hairy calves, stilt like legs, and black “JUICY” lettering on my butt. I made sure to tuck in my shirt so everyone could revel in my glorious bony ***.

Management was not happy.

One hr into my shift when management gets there I instantly get called into the office with my boss and HR. “Nellb13, what are you doing? You are not wearing the correct uniform and we will need to send you home now.”

I grab the flyer and point out that no where did they ever say that this was only for women to wear, and they also don’t say anything about length on it. I then say that they are at the appropriate height, put my hands on my hips, do a 180 to show off and smile at them looking over my shoulder.

Boss, “That’s not the point, Nellb13, you know what we meant!”

HR, “Actually that is the point… He’s right, you did say nursing staff could wear these, and they fit the criteria You put in place.”

They won this round!

Boss has a wicked scowl on her face knowing she got beat, but then pauses and laughs. “Ok, Fine wear your scrubs. Just no more yoga pants. I’ve already heard the female residents talking about your “Juicy” butt more then I’d like. Go home and change tho.”

For a long time I got teased by a bunch of 85 yo women about when I was gonna be showing off my “juicy” butt and legs again, but at least I got to wear scrubs!”

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That is what we call malicious compliance at its finest.

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