December 1, 2023 at 3:44 pm

‘They’re running around frantic.’ Passenger Shows Delta’s Deplaning “Nightmare” That Left Passengers Stranded

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@0ginjaninja0

Is it just me, or does traveling seem to be a lot more annoying lately?

Well, if you’re on the fence on that issue, this TikTok video isn’t going to inspire any confidence in the airline industry.

The man who posted it walked viewers through an annoying experience he had with Delta Airlines.

The video shows passengers walking through an airport escorted by Delta employees and TSA staff members. He said, “Well guys, this is the time that we got to go into the restricted part of the airport that nobody’s supposed to go,”

He added that after going through Customs and checking their bags, he and his fellow passengers were put on a bus and taken to the wrong plane THREE times. They finally boarded the correct plane but then realized that there was an issue.

He said, “They’re running around frantic. And we’re just sitting there for like an hour. So you know, finally, somebody gets out and they say, ‘Hey, listen, we have a problem.’ No ****, Sherlock.”

Source: TikTok/@0ginjaninja0

He explained that the plane came from Canada and a proper security check hadn’t been done. The passengers were then taken off THAT plane and put on a bus for an hour and a half.

Delta then decided that all the passengers had to go back through TSA again because they believed that security had been compromised.

This caused problems and he said, “Some people didn’t have their IDs, because they checked some of the carry-on bags. And people’s IDs were in those carry-on bags. So it took two hours for some of these people to get back through TSA.”

Source: TikTok/@0ginjaninja0

The man said that they finally got on the plane but then found out that the airport they were flying to was closed and he and his fellow passengers had to wait another three-and-a-half hours until taking off.

What a nightmare!

Source: TikTok/@0ginjaninja0

Check out the video.


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Traveling can be a real headache.

I think I’ll just stay put for the holidays…