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Restaurant Suspends Server For A Week Then Asks Her To Come In A Day Early. She Says No And Uses The Week To Find A Better Job.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@estherlin

Most people get a feeling in their gut and they just KNOW when a job is no good and it’s time to get out.

And the woman who wrote this story on Reddit was at the end of her rope when all she could do was maliciously comply after getting into it with their manager at their restaurant job.

She explained that she really had her hands full when this took place…

You suspended me for 7 days, not 6…

“This happened back in 2015/2016. I’m a single mom, 23f, at the time & only had a young son to tend to.

So, I was waitressing at a restaurant that I will call East End for this story that was in the heart of the rough area of our town, but a major success due to the support of our community & area wide parties we were known for throwing. It even resulted in another restaurant being built on the west coast.

There was trouble behind the scenes, however.

However, behind the scenes, our best known secret was that our checks would never clear & cashing them anywhere was always an issue due to mismanagement of funds.

They even put $0 on my W2 form even though I put back funds from each supposed check (which I think is illegal).

Throughout this, I stayed faithful to them & worked hard almost daily, bringing my son with me from lack of childcare.

I even worked an entire month from 9 a.m. to sometimes 3 a.m.

I was eventually made top waitress & got a $1.25 raise which wasn’t much on waitress pay, but still, every Penny counted.

But soon, the owner passed the company down to his son, & when his son took over, everything was ok until he hired 2 employees, I’ll call them Tina (an older female) & Leah (an old schoolmate).

She was about to get a big shock.

So over time, I noticed that my boss’s son started getting closer to them too a point where they were hanging out after work. Then, 1 day, a meeting occurred to where they both named managers (even though I had 2 years of seniority & top sales), & my job title & pay raise were both taken.

As of that was not heartbreaking enough, my work ethic started getting picked apart by them, especially Tina, who would call me a table hog & not a team player, even though I brought in the most sales.

So finally, the last straw came on an event night. I had worked the entire lunch rush that day & was asked to cover the late shift since they knew I knew how to work it.

Tina decided to make me the register waitress, meaning I could only work the front bar & door & not take tables.

“You made enough money for today”, she said with a snark & walked off.

Now my family happened to walk in & requested for me to host their table. There was a role saying that if a certain worker was requested, that worker would take it.

Things were about to come to a head.

But my manager was upset by this because she had to work front in my place. By the end of the night, she pulled up the computer & the following conversation happens:

Tina: What did you do for this table??

Me: (confused & angry) Who is questioning my orders??

Tina: (taken aback) I was wanting to see was what you did for them worth being suspended for a week. I had no choice but to work when as a manager, I am supposed to just sit back & observe everything to make sure things go right.

Me: Excuse me?? You know the rule!! But you know what, whatever, **** this…

I stormed out in tears.

The next day, I go in for my check when I notice on the schedule that I was only suspended for 6 days & scheduled to work on the 7th day for a huge part that was supposed to happen.

It was time to set the record straight.

Cue malicious compliance.

I went directly to the boss & told him I thought I was suspended for 7 days, not 6, & had plans for that day (which I didn’t…).

My boss saw this & pointed it out to Tina who had no choice but to enforce my suspension. That night I drove by & the streets were PACKED. I blew the horn & waved.

The staff told me that due to poor planning of suspension of her best server & being short staffed, she struggled to find coverage & was yelled at by the boss for her poor leadership & she had to work it herself.

I found a job that week & quit & told them that my 2 weeks notice was when they would NOTICE I wasn’t coming back.”

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Glad she got out of there!

That place sounded like a nightmare!

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