December 9, 2023 at 1:44 pm

She Got The Perfect “Lazy Girl Job” And Wants The World To Know. – ‘I had no idea it was gonna be this easy.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

This lady is honest with a capital H. She was all about climbing that corporate ladder but jumped before she slipped and is loving her lazy girl job!

Yeow! You cannot but LOVE @vivalatoyin and her energy.

She left some high flying data job and went straight to a dental reception gig and she ain’t never looking back. How can you not admire that? Like, capitalism kinda can own you…

Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

She told her followers on TikTok: “If you’re looking for a lazy girl job, I got the job for you girl. Look no further. I just got one! I just finished my first week. When I tell you that this job is sent from heaven… Now when it comes to a job, I do not want to grow boss. I want to grow boss my dreams.”

Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

This sounds like one interesting job, right? Something to give you actual time to live, perhaps!

She continued: “And that was my last job. I was in tech consulting. And when I tell you that job burned me out so fast, because everyone at that time was like get into tech, get into tech. And I got burned out because it was not the job for me. I needed a lazy girl job and so I got one. So, here’s what you are going to do. You’re going to look for a admin position at a dental office.”

Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

What if you’re afraid of the dentist, though?

She continued: “Make sure that the dental office is a corporate dental office and it is not a private dental office. Because if you go private, less likely chance that they will have benefits to give you. You want to make sure that you get paid well and you get benefits. My job is a patient care coordinator.”

Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

And man does this lazy girl job sound easy. She sounds like she has time to play at whatever she really wants to do!

She said: “I am a front desk check in person only. Emphasis on the only. Can I get an amen for this job. I had no idea it was gonna be this easy. What your day will look like. Checking in people, answering phones all day, taking messages, calling confirm… Give me compliments on my makeup. Give me compliments on my outfit… And if you’d like limited interaction with men, you need to get this job.”

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Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

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Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

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Source: TikTok/@vivalatoyin

Go off, girl!