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Supervisor Threatens Exiting Employee To Have Nothing To Do With The Company. So He Complies When Their Internet Was Turned Off.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@iamtru

When are people gonna learn…?

It never pays to be a total jerk to your co-workers or the people who you supervise!

Because one day it’ll probably come back to bite you.

And that’s exactly what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page.

They started by saying they were working as an IT Manager…

Goodbye Internet!!

“At my last job my main duty was the IT Manager for the entire location (among other duties).

I had been there for 3 1/2 year at that point and as I was trusted by everyone, if I had something important to say people listened. During COVID while other department’s budgets were getting slashed, and employee’s were getting laid off, I was able to replace a lot of our aging IT infrastructure.

Then a new guy showed up…

At the beginning of my last year there, the owner hires a young, “I only tell the truth, even though you won’t like it” narcissist as his second in charge. He hired this bonehead as his successor to run this location, while the owner would focus on opening up a second.

And he was BAD.

In the first three months Bonehead ****** off everyone, to the point where, 15 people from various positions leave the company to find another job. This is during the pandemic, where a lot of people were thankful they had a job, and 15 people were like, “I am going to risk finding another job IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC rather than stay here”.

He was that bad.

As Bonehead started to **** off our customer base and our sales started to suffer, we switched over to cost cutting mode. The owner had largely checked out at this point.

Things got even worse.

Ss long time vendors were replaced with friends and family of Bonehead, services were downgraded or cut, pay plans for the sales department were jacked with, which further eroded the moral of the workforce.

One day Bonehead comes to me and tells me to stop doing safety checks and maintenance repair on our products so Sales could post larger sales grosses. I loudly objected, and went to the owner, as the owner is always happy to hear something about making more money, he threw his support behind Bonehead’s idea.

They finally decided they had to leave.

A few months of this goes by, and after he fired one of my employee’s on my BIRTHDAY because he refused to give Bonehead access to server room. (It was restricted to me, owner and my employee), I knew it was time to go.

I find a new job, put in my two weeks, of course Bonehead stops my direct deposit on payday (The day after I put my two weeks in), I decide it isn’t worth working the extra two weeks and inform them I am outta there, while filing with the state over my wages being withheld.

The jerk reminded them of something on the way out the door.

As I am walking out the door, Bonehead reminds me I am no longer an employee of the company and not to get involved with the company’s affairs, and possible legal repercussions if I say anything negative about the company. (My new job pays more, less hours, less stress).

Fast forward to this Monday, I get a call from my local internet provider. They tell me my internet service bill has gone unpaid for the last six month, and will get cut off if I don’t pay immediately. I login and see my account is paid.

So after a few back and forth I find out I am still the point of contact for my last job’s account on their internet service.

Sorry, can’t help you out!

Remembering what was told to me when I left, I just informed them I cannot get involved as I no longer work there.

They asked me for an updated point of contact, if they cannot get one they will be forced to suspend their service. I repeated I am not allowed by threat of legal action to be involved in their affairs and left it with that.

An hour later, a buddy I know who still works there, called me and told me they had to stop working as their internet service was shut off.

I played stupid, but it took 3 days to restore it.”

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