December 29, 2023 at 6:44 pm

Teacher Braids A Student’s Messy Hair Without Her Mother’s Permission, So Mom Reports Her To The Principal And Threatens To Sue

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@esdesignisms

The teacher who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page decided to take matters into their own hands and now they’re feeling the wrath of a parent who isn’t happy with their actions.

But were they wrong?

Or were they just trying to help out one of their students?

Read on to see what’s going on here…

AITA for braiding one of my student’s hair without her mother consent?

“I am an art teacher for 14 to 15 years old students and recently I noticed that one of my students had really messy and dirty hair.

I didn’t say anything but the time passed by and it just seemed to get worse and worse.

They offered some background information.

One day I saw her mother at the end of the class.

For the record my students is a black girl. She was adopted and her parents are both white.

When I asked the mother about her daughter hair she just responded that she wasn’t going to try to learn how to style them cause there is no point.

I didn’t respond to that and just told her that I could do it if she gave me the product .

Not everyone was happy.

I was already doing it for another student and it didn’t bother me at all. I am white but I learned to braid hair with my stepmother because my stepsister has a lot of hair and she needed help.

She said no. I had no right to touch her daughter and if tried to, she would report me to the principal.

Now last week we went on a trip to France with my students. I wasn’t supposed to come but my colleague was not feeling well so I took her place. ‘

Because I’m French and my other colleagues don’t speak a really “good French,” I was made responsible of most of she students during the time of the trip.

They got a request.

At the hotel my students, let’s call her Tessa, saw me braiding her friend’s hair and asked me if I could do the same with her.

I remembered what her mother said but she seemed really embarrassed and I noticed some students making fun of her because of her hairstyle.

So I did it anyway.

She was really happy and told me that her mother was always straightening her hair. One day she had enough and asked her for braids instead.

She said it was not a “white hair style ” and left her with messy hair.

When we got back, her mother actually reported me to the principal and even threatened to sue me.


I did report her mother multiple times but dirty hair is not enough.”

Here’s how folks reacted.

This person said this kid was old enough to make this decision.

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Another reader talked about braids and white people.

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This person brought up an interesting point.

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One reader said the teacher did the right thing.

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This is a tough one. Everybody is angry at the mom, but she explicitly said to not do something to her daughter, and the daughter isn’t an adult.

I hope that teacher didn’t actually get sued.

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