December 9, 2023 at 7:33 am

Woman Joins A Local Trivia Night, But Is Told It’s Guys Only. She Refuses To Leave And Her Boyfriend Takes The Guy’s Side.

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s been a lot written in recent years about safe spaces in public for women. In theory, that would extend to men as well, but it’s definitely not as common.

OP found a bar she liked and was having fun once she realized they had trivia night, she was even happier.

There’s a small bar in my town I recently started going to.

They have trivia night Friday night. I started going a few weeks ago.

That is, until one of the regulars told her that it was for guys only.

After my second week there one of the regulars at trivia told me that trivia was something he had set up with the bar owner and I wasn’t welcome. He doesn’t work for the bar, so I told him he couldn’t really tell me I was unwelcome.

He explained that trivia night was a guys thing and a safe space for them from the judgement of women.

I told him he shouldn’t have it in a public bar then.

She checked with the bartender, who said that wasn’t technically true, so OP figured she’ll stick around.

Last week he left “in protest” of me being there, and his team was upset, because they didn’t do as well as usual.

Her boyfriend thinks she should back off and let the guy have it, but she doesn’t see why.

I told my boyfriend and he thinks I’m being mean to the guy and should try to see his point of view.

Maybe I’m a little cold-hearted, but I don’t really care about that guy, even though he was there first.

Does Reddit think so too? Let’s find out!

The top comment says she was right and he can’t make something public, private.

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They think the guy was probably tired of losing to a woman.

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The bottom line is that OP did nothing wrong.

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Plenty of people debated whether or not it’s legal to have an all-guys night.

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Of course, there’s always a way around the rules.

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OP didn’t do anything wrong.

You almost feel sorry for the other guy, though.